Paint Colors for Small Bathrooms

Bathrooms are more than an area for personal hygiene. They’re also places for relaxation, rejuvenation, and rejuvenation. Therefore, your bathroom’s color scheme will help you do these things.

Color is an effective instrument interior designers use to create a room’s Mood and atmosphere. Certain shades make bathrooms feel vibrant and energetic, whereas others make you feel relaxed and calm. In this regard, we decided to ask experts in color and paint for their thoughts on the most suitable colors for bathrooms with small spaces.

“Bathrooms are a space of sanctuary, where one can just ‘switch off’ from the day to day, so decorate your space with this in mind and consider colors that soothe and offer a greater sense of well-being,” says Patrick O’Donnell, international brand ambassador for Farrow & Ball.

Relax and unwind with warm Peach Tones

You can start and finish your day with pink, a warm, peachy color that is refreshing and physically relaxing. “Bathrooms suit being decorated with soft, spa-like tones that feel earthy and grounding,” says Tash Bradley, Lick’s director of interior design and color psychology. In small bathrooms, she suggests reducing contrast to the greatest extent possible, for example, taking the color of the walls and extending it to the woodwork, doors, and ceiling. “This is where color drenching comes into play, wrapping a whole room with your color of choice and, in this instance, a calming, neutral one.”

If you don’t fancy pink, look to warm neutral shades, like Taupe 03 Soho Roc House, Beige 01, or Beige 03 instead. “The warm undertone of these paint colors looks amazing with a clean white tile and brass fittings,” Bradley adds.

Make the Mood by playing Deep Blue

Bring back your mind, body, and home by reviving your home, body, and reason with Everglade Deck by Valspar, a deep, dark blue that combines elegance and tranquility. “Even a small space needs a distinctive mood that starts and ends your day or becomes a delightful experience for your guests,” says Sue Kim, Valspar’s director of color marketing. The color will be woven around the space, creating an elegant appearance with brass fixtures. Bring a unique look to your bathroom by placing a collection of found trinkets and treasures in the necessities. “The textures and design of small items enhance the everyday luxury in small bathroom spaces,” Kim adds.

Play it safe with white

Are you in search of a solid and versatile neutral? Check out Behr’s 2023 color of the year Blank Canvas (DC-003). It’s the warm white that brightens every bathroom.

“Blank Canvas is a great choice for a small bathroom as the warm undertones transform the space,” says Erika Woelfel, vice president of creative and color services at Behr Paint Company. “The welcoming white creates an expansive and clean background for endless design possibilities.”

Combine the color with white tile to create a monochromatic look, or add the bathroom vanity color or on the cut. Based on Woelfel, Vine Leaf is a Behr Designer Collection palette, or Smokey Pink, from their 2023 Trends palette, which goes well with this white shade.

Bring Modern Elegance to your look by using Mauve

Bring a romantic touch to your bathroom with the blush pink hue of Glamour in HGSW6031. “Blush tones and modern mauves are beautiful bathroom shades, balancing a rosy hue with a neutral undertone,” says Ashley Banbury, color marketing manager at the HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams. The beige undertone provides the pink hue with an elegant, sophisticated, refined edge. Its neutral-toned appearance means it can be dressed in a way that suits the style of a modern or classic. Banbury recommends using warm neutrals and whites to create a chic, polished look or an illusion of depth by installing the Poetry Plum 6019 HGSW ceiling.

Create Contrast Majestic Blue

Bring a sense of drama to your bathroom using a deep, bright, azure shade like Cascades ‘ SW 7623. Gray-yellow, blue, and gray undertones create a dark, magnificent blue hue, a luscious, sophisticated, unique appearance that instantly increases the appeal of small bathrooms. “Adding this pop of color to an accent wall will create a sophisticated mystique to any small-spaced bathroom,” says Sue Wadden, Sherwin-Williams head of marketing for color. Make a statement by combining it with bright white subway tiles, and complement the yellow hue of the paint with brass fittings. Wainscoting in white helps to break up the dark tone of this bathroom, preserving the impression of a bright and lively space.

Be Bold by combining Rich Green

Smaller bathrooms, including guest and powder rooms, permit experimentation with bright colors and patterns. “Embrace that it is a smaller bathroom and celebrate brighter colors,” recommends Bradley. She suggests going bold with a dark shade such as the green 02 and utilizing the color-drenched approach to provide the most complete experience. “Candlelight looks amazing against a blue undertone, so strong greens are a fantastic option for someone who often takes long, candlelit baths,” she suggests. She suggests pairing the cool colors with brass bathroom fixtures to make a striking contrast and an elegant design.

Find peace through Warm Taupe

Are you searching for ways to make your bathroom more inviting and bright? Shoji White SW 7042 by Sherwin-Williams accomplishes precisely this. “Lining bathroom walls in this warm and creamy white that marries modern lines with soft touches creates the ultimate escape in a small bathroom space,” Wadden adds. She suggests establishing an accent wall in an edgy hue, like this warm taupe accent wall, to add depth and intrigue. The neutral colors with marble fixtures, gold fittings, wood vanity, and cotton waffle towels create the bathroom an energizing area.

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