Why and How to Store Skis in the Garage?

You cannot ski in the summer, so you’ll have to store your skis somewhere safe. You can store your skis in the garage during the off-season. However, you must make sure that your garage is not in an area where it is too humid or hot. Otherwise, your skis will be damaged.

It’s time to learn how to store skis in the garage

The following are three different ways to store your skis.

Vertical ski rack—If everyone in your family loves skiing, each member will need a pair of skis. This rack can be placed on the garage floor to store all your ski boards. It can hold up to five pairs of skis. The rack is finished in a full finish. It is made of rigid plastic and does not require drilling.

If you’re looking to hang your skiboards on the wall, a horizontal ski rack is the ideal option. This rack can hold up to three ski boards and requires a drill or screwdriver to install.

Other items, such as skateboards and water skis, can be stored in the same place. The ski boards and bindings can be stored on three different levels.

Gravity Grabber is a great option for storing skis in a safe place. It locks the skis into position. It features an anti-slip pad that keeps your skis in place and gives them a cool appearance.

You can unhook a ski with your hands. You can interlock the gravity grabbers together to keep more than one ski pair. A drill is required to install a gravity grabber. Each gravity grabber has six holes to accommodate six drywall screws and anchors.

How do you store skis in your garage?

Let’s look at how you can store your skis in the garage now that you have learned about different storage options.

Clean your skis – before storing your skis. To remove dirt, grime, or salt, you should clean your skis. Please avoid using detergents or degreasers to clean them as they may cause binding. To prevent any damage, dry them out before storing them.

When storing your skis, ensure that they are properly tied together so you do not lose any. If you lose one ski, the other one is useless, and you’ll have to buy a pair of new shoes.

To prevent your skis from oxidizing, you must hot wax the base. Be careful not to scrape it, as storing it will cause it to rust.

Sharpen the edges of your skis by doing edge work. A diamond stone is a great tool for this. You can also use a diamond stone to keep your skis in good condition.

Skis should be kept out of direct sun – the heat from the sun can wrap around your skis.

You will know when you have learned how to store your skis. What are you still waiting for? If you’re looking for a stylish way to store your skis, you can hang them with a gravity gabbler. If you do not have room in your garage, you can hang a horizontal rack on the wall.

There are also certain do’s and don’ts to remember before hanging your skis on the wall of your garage.

Store them away from humid garages or in areas that are too hot.

Store them away from direct sunlight.

After cleaning, only store the items.

Store your skis without waxing.

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