7 Outdoor Deck Designs And Types

Decks are often overlooked when renovating a home. They are often overlooked for their design and versatility. Your deck can be used to grill outside, relax outdoors, or host a party. The most exciting part is choosing the design, followed by the final result.

Consider the mood you want your deck to convey when choosing the right type. Do you want your deck to be a place for peace or entertainment? You should also consider your yard’s capabilities, including its size, terrain, and climate. Keep these factors in mind as you explore seven different outdoor deck designs.


Wraparound decks are popular because they look better than a porch. You can also customize porches and move them to another location as the sun moves during the day. Before choosing a wraparound style, make sure that all the sides of your house are clear of any potential roadblocks, such as rocks.MultileveleLocker decks are perfect for those with large yards. Your yard will be more useful and spacious if it slopes. Depending on the style, each level may be connected by stairs or accessible from every floor of the house. Multilevel decks can be used for different purposes. Could install a grill and an outdoor dining area. This is also a popular choice, as you can screen part of your deck while leaving the rest uncovered.


The attached decks are the most common. They are easy to under and are located next to them since they are popular among homeowners. These decks increase square footage, and they grow. A deck attached to your home is a great alternative to a patio, as it’s elevated off the ground. It also looks better.


The location of the detached decks is also in the name. The detached decks are often refThey decks and are located in the yard away from the home. A pathway from the house to the deck is usually created, especially in yards with terrain that is not suitable for walking.

If you want a quiet, secluded place to relax outdoors away from the sounds of your home, a detached deck may be the best option. A few plants, a fountain, and a comfortable seat can transform a detached deck.

Roof Deck

The privacy of a roof deck is a major factor in choosing it. This type of deck is often determined by homeowners in cities because there’s not always enough space to build another. Roof decks can be used in the same way as yard decks, but they may not allow you to install a hot tub or pool if your home’s structure isn’t strong enough.

Pool Deck

They are great because they allow you to relax by the pool and tan, and they are cooler than concrete in the summer. The deck can make an above-ground pool seem more like it is in the ground. Many people prefer this because it allows those with difficulty climbing ladders to access the pool. When building a pool, you should keep in mind that natural wood deteriorates faster and will need more maintenance. This design is best suited to composite decks that have cooling technology.

Build Your Deck

You’ll have to choose your decking material if you haven’t done so already. Wood is a popular choice because there are so many varieties to choose from, and it’s more visually appealing. Wood is a great material, but it requires a lot more maintenance. Plastic decks are also easier to maintain and look great. If you want both qualities, composite decking is the best choice. It looks like real wood while being more durable.

Even if you believe you can build a deck yourself, you should leave it to professionals to ensure your safety. Consider hiring Deck Builders in Collegeville, PA, to complete the project efficiently. When you hire a deck builder, you will have more customization options.


Before choosing a design or material, consider the amount of time and money you will spend maintaining your deck. All decks need to be cleaned semi-annually, but wooden decks may require painting and sealing every few years. Consider using composite material for a large deck. Composite is low-maintenance.

It’s exciting to add a deck to your house, and it’s fun choosing the design. A professional can help you choose the deck that’s right for you based on your terrain and yard size. Please choose carefully, as it will remain a part your home for many decades.

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