Blue-Gray Paint Colors the Experts Swear

Blue-gray paint is experiencing an era. It is a color that elegantly blends the serenity, peace, and devotion that blue is known for with gray’s maturity, neutrality, and durability. The predominant blue hue with an undertone of grey undertone (hint that when the word “first” in a color duo is the one that indicates that the dominant color) is calming, which is why it is often used in areas that are intended to relax, such as bedroom, living rooms, and bathrooms.

Blue-gray colors are abundant, each with its distinct character and nuance. If you’re having trouble narrowing your choices, we talked to experts in color who could tell us their top blue-gray shades.

Steely Gray by Sherwin-Williams

Look at a moody blue-gray color using Steely Gray by Sherwin-Williams. “Don’t let the name fool you; this color has a rich yet subtle blue undertone,” says Jennifer Verruto, founder and CEO of Blythe Interiors. “We love using it in living spaces because it creates a calming feeling and is a great color foundation to build upon.”

This open-plan kitchen design from the Luxe Canyon Living project uses shade to create the tone with a refined look to create a contemporary color scheme of gray and blue. “It’s a great choice for traditional and transitional design aesthetics, and it looks beautiful paired with deep charcoals & natural stone tones,” she says.

Adirondack Blue by Behr

If you’re looking for dark blue-gray shades to enhance a neutral light scheme, go for Adirondack Blue by Behr. The deep slate blue hue is stunning, calming, and refreshing. “The nature-inspired color looks fantastic in bathrooms and kitchens as an accent color, especially paired with warm neutrals like Even Better Beige and Blank Canvas,” says Erika Woelfel, vice president of creative and color service in the Behr Paint Company.

Please note that a striking blue and gray Adirondack kitchen island creates an impressive focal point that makes a strong anchor for this kitchen, perfectly matching it with the backsplash of the mosaic. “Light wood tones on floors or cabinetry and matte finishes on lighting and hardware provide a soft organic touch,” Woelfel states.

Oyster Bay by Sherwin-Williams

Another popular choice among Verruto’s customers includes Oyster Bay by Sherwin-Williams. “While it’s technically categorized as green with slate-blue undertones when paired with a cool color palette, we see a beautiful gray hue appear,” she declares. “It’s a favorite because it works great in spaces where you’re trying to balance warm and cool tones.”

The color perfectly matches marble or grey stone flooring or against solid wood or brass fixtures, such as in this light bathroom. “It’s also a great choice if you’re trying to achieve a crisp, cool vibe with coastal influences,” she says.

Blue 01 by Lick

“Lick’s Blue 01 is one of our most popular blues,” says Tash Bradley, Lick’s director of interior design and color psychology. “It’s a pale, soft light blue with a grey undertone that works perfectly on walls, ceilings, and woodwork.” Bradley suggests the introduction of Blue 01 in the bedroom because of its calming quality. “Blue is the color of the mind, meaning it’s incredibly soothing mentally and helps to aid a good night’s sleep,” Bradley declares. Since it’s a cool hue, it isn’t recommended to use it in rooms facing north since it may feel cold. “Blue 01 better suits a room that is south, east, or west facing.”

Wall Street by HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams

Change the look of your living space by applying a coat with Wall Street HGSW7665. “Perfectly balancing blue and gray tones, Wall Street, from our Vintage Homestead Color Collection, is a deep color that makes a beautiful backdrop for multi-purpose spaces,” says Ashley Banbury, color marketing manager at HGTV Homes by Sherwin-Williams. “Blue tones are perfect for office spaces as they promote productivity while creating a retreat library space to relax.”

Banbury suggests accentuating the room with black and brass accents to create a modern, contemporary style. White ceilings will brighten the space and prevent it from appearing dark and cozy.

Solitude by Benjamin Moore

Give your living space an updated look by introducing Solitude, AF-545 from Benjamin Moore. “As part of the Affinity Color Collection, Solitude strikes a balance between soft, harmonious, and rich with color,” says Hannah Yeo, color marketing and development manager at Benjamin Moore. The blue-gray paint color is a large percentage of gray, giving it a modern, excellent appearance. “The gray undertone pairs well with neutrals, pinks, greens, and other soft hues,” Yeo suggests. To create a bolder scheme, try contrasting the cool grey undertone of Solitude using an intense warm orange accent such as buttered yarn AF-230. “This ever-versatile color transcends era and architectural style–even making it a great exterior color.”

Blue Arrow by Valspar

Blue Arrow 5001-3C is one of Valspar’s Colors of the Year, making it a more well-known shade. The blue-gray paint is distinct from the rest of the pack thanks to the subtle undertone of yellow, which gives a hint of warmth through the blue-gray hues. “This color has been the most popular blue-gray in our chip ordering service, where DIYers start their color shopping journey,” says Sue Kim, Valspar’s director of color marketing. “This cooled-down blue with a yellow undertone brings a modern charm to any space and leaves a lasting impression.”

The shade is excellent for both indoors and outdoors, creating the perfect backdrop for your outdoor gathering spot. Look at how beautiful this shade appears when combined with warm natural stone textures and wood.

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