How to Style Open Kitchen Shelves.

Open shelving in the kitchen was intimidating when we moved into our new house. Glass front cabinets were my favorite, but these shelves present a new styling challenge. The frames had to be functional, but I wanted them also to look great. Although it took me several tries to find the right formula for styling these shelves, I finally figured it out. Today I want to share the best way to style open-kitchen shelves.

When styling open kitchen shelves, balance is critical. This includes color, texture, and a theme. To make the open kitchen shelves look cohesive, you should use similar colors, patterns, and shapes. To create a theme in my kitchen, I mixed various natural elements like wood and plants with my dishware and functional items and added a few pieces of the MacKenzie–Childs CourtlyCheck Collection to add some whimsy.

The plates are placed on two shelves. They are placed on a diagonal. Two glass cloches are set on a diagonal with greenery. The MacKenzie Childs Courtly tea kettle and cups, saucers, and plates add beautiful patterns to the kitchen and bring joy. These pieces are functional, and I love how they look in my kitchen.

These were perfect for my open-kitchen shelves as they are tea lovers like my daughters. This tea collection is stunning! I’m obsessed!!

I created a similar recipe for the opposite side of the range, using greenery, white ceramic pitchers, and a sprinkle of salt. Courtly Check You can combine pieces to create a cohesive look. This is what I fell in love with. Mesh dome, I love how it looks on my counter. It’s available in two sizes: the larger one I purchased is shown here, and the smaller version is also available. This is the perfect accessory for entertaining. It looks great on any cheese board or appetizer board. We have built-in shelves just opposite the kitchen that can be used to add beautiful styling. I kept the same theme as the kitchen but added some of my favorite vintage silver pieces. For a whimsical touch, I used the same method and placed the silver details on the shelves along a diagonal. Matching similar items on a diagonal creates balance. You can also use greenery and other natural elements to add texture to the shelves and create a common theme. MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Review Collect to make a cohesive appearance.

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