How to Decorate with Fall Branches

When it comes to decorating with fall branches …”Go big!” Fall is the best time to bring out the beauty of the outdoors. My kitchen center island is where I keep a vase of greenery or flowers. In the fall, I will bring in many branches to fill it. The components were sourced from two trees in our backyard, each with a hint of warm fall colors at the tips. These branches did not come from the tree looking this way, so I cut off any leaves and trimmed the length of the components before placing them in the vase.

An entire arrangement of autumn branches signaled the start of a new season.

Last fall, I created a similar look using faux branches in pale autumn tones. These fake branches were durable for several weeks, which was the best thing about them. Last fall, I achieved the same look in my ranch kitchen. Montana’s trees have stunning colors, so I was thrilled to bring some of that beauty into the kitchen. It is beautiful to see fall branches in a simple white vase.

A vignette is another beautiful way to decorate your home with fall branches.

The faux branches fill this vase, but the pale yellow tone blends beautifully with other colors in the fall vignette.

The same vase is equally stunning in the corner of our bedroom desk.

If you don’t like traditional fall colors, the soft green tones offered by eucalyptus might be a good alternative. This week I added tall eucalyptus branches in the corner of my desk. They look great and have a lovely fragrance.

A tall arrangement can add drama to any fall vignette.

A vase with cotton stem branches can be rustic and add some fall color to your decor.

For a rustic country feel, I used cotton stems and faux pods to create a rustic look at our ranch dining table.

Finally, you can use fall branches, such as olive branches, in a bowl filled with apples and lemons to transition from summer.

My dough bowls are decorated in different seasons. Fall branches add seasonal color to any room.

I hope you have found some inspiration for decorating with fall branches. This is a beautiful and simple way to welcome in fall with all the beauty of nature.

Faux branches can be used if you don’t own fall branches. The variety and quality of fake extensions available at FLORAL are fantastic. Many big-box stores sell them. Below are affiliate links.

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