How to Decorate a Room for Cheap Without Spending the Whole Paycheck

It’s easy to get bored of your home between HomeTok, Instas, and other blogs. You may have spent hours on end perfecting your Pinterest aesthetic, but it can be easy to get bored of the space when you spend so much time indoors, thanks to WFH, and fall in love with all new trends.

No need to worry! You don’t need to refinance to fall in love with your home. It only takes a few tips and tricks to transform a room from a bland dorm room before moving in the day into a Chip and Joanna-worthy space. No HGTV makeover is required. You can do it by investing in a new bar trolley or simply spending some time sticking peel-and-stick tiles to your existing floor. If I can do it, so will you.

Here are 30 ways to update a room for a small budget. You’ll want to spend more time at home.

Install a bookshelf

A bookshelf is the perfect way to bring a blank wall to life. You can decorate them in many ways: with books (…duh), trinkets and art, food or wine, shoes, and photos. This is the place to go if you want some decorating inspiration.

Install an air freshener (that is nice)

No, not the way-too-sweet-smelling plastic ones your Nana can’t seem to get enough of. Chic air fresheners are only for 2023. Wallflowers by Bath and Body Works are a great option for an affordable price. They come in a variety of fragrances and diffuse well in small rooms. You can also opt for the Pura, a smart diffuser you can control with an app.

Hang some cute curtains

Curtains serve many purposes. Curtains help block sunlight when you’re sleeping past noon. Yes, they are good to ensure your neighbors don’t see you naked. They also add a little sump’n sump’n to the decor. Curtains soften a room and make it appear more polished. They can also add color. The curtains are (usually) very affordable, and that’s great for your wallet and you.

Two words: new knobs

You want new furniture, but you need more money to afford it. Yeah, same. You can make your old furniture look brand new by changing the knobs. Google will provide you with hundreds of knobs that you can use to update the look of your furniture in under 10 minutes. Most of them will cost less than $10 each.

Rainbow Order Your Reading Materials

Is there a more beautiful thing than a bookshelf that is organized according to the colors of the rainbow? I don’t think so. What could be better than color coordination?! It’s also calming to ROYGBIV everything. You’ll remember where to find that beach book on your TBR.

Invest in cute technology

Monitors, speakers, keyboards, extension cords, mouses, and other essential tech accessories are only sometimes stylish. Some are. You’ll be using your electronics all day long, so spend a little extra on something that looks good.

Hide cords

Cords are among the most unsightly tech items, especially when tangled together. It doesn’t need to be like this! There are cord boxes that can be used to manage, cover and hide your cables around your television, computer, kitchen appliances, etc. Choose a minimalist pick like this one to blend in with your aesthetic.

Buy yourself some flowers

Miley has said it. Fresh flowers are for more than just special occasions. You don’t have to wait for your romantic partner. Grab a few stems from Trader Joe’s, or if you’re not in the mood to leave your house, you can order them online. Then, please place them in a stylish vase. You’ll instantly feel better.

Install peel-and-stick floor tiles

A good floor can transform the appearance of an entire room. It takes work to tear out the whole bed to install something new. (Is 2022 already over?). These floor tiles are the perfect solution. These water-resistant vinyl tiles come in dozens of colors and patterns. They have strong glue that can be applied to your existing flooring. It’s straightforward, I swear! Follow the instructions on the packaging and keep a utility knife and ruler handy to trim the tiles around appliances and corners.

Replace your TV with a frame

It’s a photo frame! It’s a television! It’s a frame TV! It works like this: When the frame TV is turned on, you can watch it usually. It displays your favorite masterpiece when it is off. It has a brightness sensor that adjusts the screen to suit your environment. This means that it does not look like a TV screen but rather art in a frame of your choice. The screen is pricey (typically a few hundred $ more than a TV of the same size). However, it’s well worth it because of its #aesthetic. You can change your art as often as you like, so the style will never fade.

Invest in organizing products

You know that an organized home is one with a happy family. Suppose you have ever spent time on OrganizationTok’s Insta or The Home Edit Insta pages. In that case, you will be familiar with the products you *need* to keep your clutter under control. Turntables are just one of the many items you can use to keep your home organized. There are also bins and tiers racks. Try the iDesign Collection by Ria Safford. She has managed the homes of Chrissy, Paris Hilton, and many other celebrities.

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