Budget Home Decor Ideas for a Fresh Look

Nothing is better than entering a new home after remodeling a room using home decor ideas. Here are some clever home decor ideas to decorate on a tight budget without sacrificing style.

The list below has everything you need to know, whether you are looking for DIY projects to liven your living room or affordable furniture redesign ideas. Anyone can do many things, whether painting thrift-store chairs and tables or decorating with items you already have.

Berger interior wall paints are the perfect solution for your dream home!

How do you plan your budget for interior design at home?

Budgeting can be the most challenging part of a design or decorating idea. It is essential to avoid misunderstandings and unrealistic expectations. Let’s talk about its main components.

Room space

Understanding the space and its needs is the first step to interior design. You should know the answers to a few questions. How many people live in the house? What is the goal of the plan? What is the purpose? Here are some essential things to consider. As a rule of thumb, interior design costs for a home with two bedrooms should be at least 10% of the price.


You should understand woodworking and materials well if you are designing furniture. Before purchasing furniture, consider the intended use and the space available. Beauty and functionality are closely related. Choose furniture that has lots of storage if your living space is small.


The curtain’s cost depends on the type, design, fabric, track, heading, size, lining, and installation.

Imagine, for example, that you select a beautiful silk fabric to cover your bedroom. You are still forced to use the clear gathered tape instead of lining because it’s expensive. Pick them carefully.

Size of the door and window

Doors, such as entry, bathroom, and interior room doors, are the main cost of building a home. Windows and ventilators (including window frames and shutters) account for 6-8 percent of the cost of building a house.

Neutral colors are the way to go

If you are decorating for the first time with home decor ideas but need clarification on the space available, sticking to neutrals and a few whites will help you avoid many mistakes. It is easier to find items that match and enter a home decor or furniture store without feeling overwhelmed. Focus on neutrals. If you have fewer options, deciding what you want in your home may be more accessible.

Try DIY Paint

Most of us want a stylish, welcoming, and upscale home. Investing the money, time, and effort required to achieve this can be overwhelming. Many home decor ideas can help you achieve an exquisite, high-end aesthetic, even if your budget is tight. You can modernize your house for less with inexpensive decorating ideas. Berger Wall Stencil or DIY paint can enhance your living spaces on a budget.

Use budget-friendly stencil designs

Home decor ideas that are affordable include stencil designs for wall painting. They can be used to highlight and customize them. This simple technique is a great way to add personality to your house quickly. The wall stencil is an affordable and fast way to characterize your walls. You will only need your stencil, paint brushes, or stencil rollings to complete the project.

How to paint a door

Painting a doorway can be simple and inexpensive, depending on the paint you choose and your supplies. Use vibrant colors in warmer climates or vacation homes. These include teals, greens, pastels, and yellows. Classic colors such as black, charcoal, and chocolate are ideal for those who want to be bold but are not as daring. Berger has some great home decor ideas that are affordable.

Give wooden furniture a wood finish

The use of wood in interior design is expected. Wood has become a popular building material in interior design, architecture, and other fields. Many woodworkers consider wood finish paints the best option for hardwood furniture in terms of their aesthetic appeal, protection level, ease of maintenance, and durability.

Metal finish on the highlight windows

Metallic paint is a simple and inexpensive way to achieve the metal look on wooden windows. Metallic paints can be applied to almost any surface and have the same color and shine as metal.


Now that you’ve realized there are many inexpensive ways to make your home look luxurious, you can start implementing them. Interior designers’ best tips for creating high-end designs are choosing the right paint colors, avoiding cheap, low-quality products, and making purchases sensibly. You can save money by shopping at Berger and other reputable stores. You may be surprised to discover how easy it is to create a beautiful, comfortable home on a budget using Berger color schemes.

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