Budget Decorating Ideas – 28 Smart Ways to Update Your Home for Less

The following tips will help refresh your home without spending a fortune.

These budget decorating ideas show that you can spend less on home refreshes. Most people look for easy ways to make their homes look new without spending a fortune.

Small changes, whether DIY or decorating, can make a difference. They only need a tin, some love, and a trip to the loft.

If you are not a DIY expert, it only takes a little creative thinking and careful planning to refresh your home.

Budget decorating ideas

Nadia McOwan Hill Wayfair (opens in a new tab) says that the Resident Style Advisor at Wayfair, Nadia McOwan Hill, believes decorating a house does not always mean buying new items. Instead of buying new furniture and decor, consider upgrading your pieces with stylish, fresh paint or hardware.

“Drab kitchen cabinets are transformed with decorative knobs, and grungy walls can come alive after a new coat of paint.” Add wallpaper to the inside of drawers in dressers, or add a unique design to the arms of an ordinary wooden side table.

You’re just one of many who are on a budget. We’ve put together some easy decorating ideas that are budget-friendly to help you make your home more beautiful.

Drawer fronts with stencils

Create a custom chest of drawers for Ikea using a simple stencil. Use a coarse-haired, dry paintbrush to stipple furniture paint on. Finish off with a matt clear varnish and leather tab handle.

Upgrade your doors with fluted films

Glass film can transform an old display cabinet into a modern storage item. The fluted movie also helps to prevent scratches and chips. You can also choose a patterned or stained glass window film to create a unique cabinet.

Refrain from overcrowding your shelves. Balance your display by using stacks of bowls and books or objects of exciting shapes.

How to make a basket lampshade

Remove the handles from an Ikea Snidad Basket and spray them with black paint. Add an oversized bulb, a black cord, and a small circle to the base of the Ikea Snidad basket. You’ll have a designer lampshade within a few hours.

Paint can be used to highlight great features

A painted border will highlight beautiful period door frames or deep skirting boards. Choose a darker shade if you have already painted the walls. Draw a 5cm border with a spirit level and a ruler. Use decorating tape for a sharp edge.

Create a gallery using framed wallpaper

Use a white mount to create a formal look by framing wallpaper samples or offcuts in the same frames. Simple frames will allow the patterns to be the focal point. Use different patterns with a similar color palette. If you don’t want to use wallpaper, you can also use fabric offcuts.

Create your art

Make your artwork for your walls! You can staple a piece of fabric, an old duvet, scarf, dress from a charity store, or even an old duvet over a canvas. Make some cushion covers if you still have fabric left over.

It can be a great feature

The addition of a tiled accent wall instantly updates this color scheme. For a seamless effect, choose a color that aligns with the system.

This collection of plates is hung randomly, but all with the same motif. Add some character with minor additions, such as downlit wall lights.

Add some greenery

The plants in this room add color and life to the living room’s color scheme. Not green-fingered? This tip is something you should take advantage of. You can find a lot of fakes that look very realistic. Try Blooming Artificial (opens in a new tab) to make everything from trees to plants.

Nadia states that ‘live plants are an excellent option for improving air quality, and their growth can be gratifying. However, they can be challenging to care for if natural light is limited.

Artificial plants will have the same visual impact as live plants on your décor if you don’t have a green thumb.

Rotate your collection

You can display your favorite pieces using the natural focal points in your living room. Create a focal point without a built-in feature, such as a fireplace. You can do this by using a console table or a pair of bookcases.

Rotating your displays regularly will give them a fresh look and stop stale schemes. For a consistent look, vary height, texture, and shape, but keep your palette to two or three colors. Try propping artwork for a more casual look.

Add a bookcase

It’s okay to build bookcases into alcoves or in a traditional style. Try an asymmetrical design.

Books and accessories can add color. Try to break up the monotony of a book collection by adding some shelves with decorative accessories. Again, tie in two or three colors for a unifying effect. It will give room depth and texture and provide essential storage.

Coffee table

A coffee table is an excellent addition to any living room. Choose a coffee table with storage, such as an ottoman or a generously sized piece with shelving.

This glass option is great because it won’t take over a small space. Place it near seating to display flowers, books, and candles. Changing your accessories now and then will give you a new look.

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