Glass Food Storage Containers of 2023, According to Our Tests

Anyone with a busy family knows the game changer it is to plan meals. Are you running late to work? Stuck at soccer practice? Ready-to-eat meals make even the most active of weeks much more accessible. Making the entire week’s meals in advance is also simple with the right equipment. This is where a high-quality glass container for food storage can be helpful.

Containers for food storage made from glass are different from other storage containers like silicone or plastic due to their strength and durability. They can be used in the dishwasher or microwave and as a safe baking dish for the oven. The best part is that glass is a much more sustainable alternative to silicone or plastic as it won’t absorb odors or stain strong-flavored food items. “Glass containers last longer, are recyclable, and make it easier to see the foods inside,” says Catherine McCord, chef, and the author of food blogs Weelicious along with the cookbook The Meal Prep Magic Time-Saving Tips to Cooking Stress-Free. “They’re better for the environment, too,” she adds.

Pyrex Simply Store 18-Piece Glass Food Storage Container Set

The set’s versatility is complete, so you can meet all your kitchen needs by purchasing one set. We discovered that these containers are excellent for storing leftovers due to the various sizes available, and they also functioned great in the microwave and freezer. Each glass storage container has a lid that secures the container, ensuring that food remains fresher for longer. Each item performed exceptionally well in our tests. We discovered that these containers are ideal for cooking food using the microwave. The glass tempered is rugged and tough enough to withstand various temperatures without chipping or breaking.

We are awestruck by the array of sizes included in the set, too, and will put these for storage of leftovers or fresh vegetables in the same way. With BPA-free lids that seal air after closure, the safe containers did not leak in our tests. The most appealing aspect? Every piece can be easily nestled into one another. These containers offer the perfect combination of functionality and convenience, and anyone who cooks at home, whether advanced or novice–may gain from purchasing the set.

One of the biggest hurdles of making meals in advance is ensuring that the various components remain distinct and don’t get soaked. This is why these glass containers for food storage can come in handy. All eight are made with built-in dividers, allowing you to store items such as pasta, fish, and other vegetables in one container. This means that each component you eat will remain fresh and tasty whenever you choose to keep it.

The containers passed with flying colors in every test we ran through. The snap-on lids ensured the liquids didn’t leak through the sides, and every compartment remained dry. While the additional boxes mean that some more crevices and corners must be cleaned, our test didn’t experience any issues getting food stuck to clean off. They are simple to clean with a hand and did well with the dishwasher. While they are stackable with lids in place, be aware of how the glass separators make this set challenging to place in a nest. If you’re short on space in your cabinet, this could not be the most ideal alternative.

Glasslock 18-Piece Assorted Oven Safe Container Set

While some containers feature lids that are opaque and colored, Glass lids allow you to find out what’s inside. That’s why we like this product from Glasslock. The set of 18 pieces comes with storage containers that vary in shape and size, with lids that lock to them. There was no leakage during our testing, and the clear covers made for an airtight seal, which meant that foods like avocado and lettuce–stayed fresher for longer.

We are thrilled that the containers are constructed of tough, durable glass, meaning that each piece is highly durable, whether using them in your microwave to warm your meal or even in the refrigerator to keep leftovers. They were clean and easy to clean either by hand or with the dishwasher, and there was no staining on the sides. We also like that despite the various dimensions and shapes, the containers are simple to stack and arrange to create practical storage.

Pyrex FreshLock plus 10-piece Glass Storage Set that includes Microban

If you’re a novice home cook just beginning to prepare a few meals per week, you don’t have to spend time or invest space in many containers. This is why we like this streamlined set for novices and occasional home cooks. It comes with five storage pieces with different dimensions and shapes that can accommodate additional food items – like large quantities of chicken noodles and a tiny portion of salsa made from scratch–all in sturdy BPA-free containers.

Each container has lids fitted with four tabs that help retain freshness and moisture. Although the covers are made of plastic, they’re crafted using a silicone gasket, which locks in place when locked, and we found it to be leak-proof and highly effective in keeping food fresh. It was impossible to see a drop of water fall off the sides, even though we vigorously shook water in every container.

Be aware that these containers aren’t intended to be placed on or inside each other, so they’re not ideal for storage. Storing them with lids closed will prevent cracks or chips, but doing so will mean they’ll increase the space within the cabinet.

Razab Extra Large Glass Food Storage Containers With Airtight Lids

If you love to¬†cook meals in large quantities, you’ll require an extra-large container that can handle more food items. The large-sized containers will accommodate more than other containers–the set comprises 27-ounce 40, 40-ounce, and 70-ounce pieces. So they’re the ideal glass food storage set to store a large amount of chicken soup or leftovers from the game’s day chili cook-off. The larger sizes we tested proved superior to hold a big batch of pasta salad or potato sauce and are great to bring to an event like a gathering for a dinner potluck.

Tabbed lids, a feature McCord suggests–form a stunning seal. No liquid leaked out of one of the three bottles in our tests.

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