Backyard fire pit ideas

Nothing brings ambiance and warmth to your backyard like a fire pit outdoors. It’s enjoyable and nostalgic to sit around the fire pit, whether roasting marshmallows to make S’mores in the summer evening or sipping hot cider made from apples in the autumn. The design aspect of fire pits is that they can also be a fantastic way to create an accent in the landscape that makes it seem more thoughtful and complete. It is possible to use them to create a focal point for a patio, add a focal point to the look of an outside fireplace, or even make the perfect scene in front of the outdoor dining area.

A fire pit for your backyard isn’t necessarily expensive, either. The most affordable way to build a fire pit is to use blocks of cinder, priced at one dollar from The Home Depot. From stylish and affordable fire bowls made of steel to built-in designs decked with lava rocks and custom tiles, a wide range of ideas for backyard fire pits are available to fit any budget.

The greatest part? With all the options available, locating the ideal fire pit for your outdoor space could be more straightforward, even if you only have a tiny backyard. To get you on the mood board, here are 21 stunning outdoor areas that inspire you to make a (hot) space for yourself.

Tips to be sure that your fire pit offers only warmth and not a ton of smoke for your gathering are to burn only firewood that is well-seasoned and does not use newspapers or green leaves. The more moisture you have in your firewood, the more smoke.

Make It a Moment

To draw more focus to your fire pit, no matter how small, place it on a spot distinct from the remainder of your backyard. In this case, Studio Robert McKinley used a concrete slab to distinguish places to hang out in the backyard. They also kept the fire pit away from the area’s splash zones.

Pick a Strategic Shape

If your home already has furniture for your outdoor space, consider measuring it and considering the shapes that are compatible with it before deciding on an outdoor fire pit. In this rooftop terrace designed by Heather Hilliard, the long, narrow form of the fire pit custom-designed will perfectly complement the sofa.

Put It Near a Window

An outdoor fire pit can add ambiance indoors too. If placed in front of a vast window or wall-to-wall glass patio doors, like shown at this Connecticut home, the fire pit provides warmth and soft, Instagram-worthy lighting to your indoor space.

Add Custom Cushions

This fire pit for outdoor use stands out from other fire pits because of the matching cushions on the surround and the adjacent couch. The stripey fabric also provides a unique and vibrant look and gives an area to sit down while they heat up. Keep the fire at a minimum, and use fire-resistant fabrics.

Create Natural Privacy

To make your fire pit’s space more private, make it appear by planting tall hedges instead of fencing. Designer Jenn Feldman kept the decor neutral, using a concrete fire pit and seating made of wicker. The towering walls offer an element of drama, privacy, and vibrant colors.

Use Low-Maintenance Gas Flames

The maintenance required for the fire pit in your backyard can surely turn some homeowners off. (The coals require cleaning! The wood requires piles!) Another option is to opt for a gas-powered design like the fire pit made of stone found in the yard by Designer Molly Britt–and stack it up with an elegant fire conductor, such as the lava rocks, which will always be at their top quality.

Channel an Old-School Campfire

If in doubt, look up design inspiration from the classic campfire, typically covered with foraged stones and rustic and easy to construct. In this case, designer Bonnie Edelman created this charming outdoor fire pit to serve as a place for gathering family and friends. While the style is a minimalist approach, the entire scene has modern amenities such as speakers concealed in the walls (made using a locally-sourced stone) and a log storage area built into the benches.

Keep It Minimal

This cast iron open-basin fireplace is essential yet stunning. It’s the ideal addition to any outdoor space. The classic white patio furniture and a sleek deck created by Hollander Design allow us to concentrate on the main attraction, which is the waterfront view.

Add Some Lighting

Sure, the flames will provide all the glow of a filter, but you shouldn’t trip when you get to the fire pit. Offer just a hint of light without having to think about wiring the lighting and elegant bistro-style lights placed around your fire pit.

Lay Tile Underneath

A rectangular or square concrete fire pit adds an industrial look to your backyard while offering a style guideline that the rest of the area could follow. The place for outdoor entertaining was created with Lifestyle Studio Lifestyle echos geometric shapes all over the backyard, from the paving stones to the tiles made of ceramic and the graphic pillows.

Give It a Backdrop

It’s up to the design of Jonathan Adler’s Parker Hotel in Palm Springs to offer the ideal outdoor fire pit. Eyes naturally draw to the roaring flame, giving them something to gaze at, with a beautiful background, such as the palm trees and the dreamy pampas grass in the center of this picture.

Make It the Centerpiece

To create a 20-foot tall courtyard that runs through the middle of the Los Angeles home, designer Eric Olsen’s team required digging 11 feet deep to lay the foundation and footing. It is truly the heart of the house, thanks in significant part to the roaring fire pit in its middle.

Disguise It With a Tile Topper

The design was created by Molly Luetkemeyer; the home was designed by Molly Luetkemeyer. Los Angeles hilltop home is filled with fun, featuring colorful colors, cozy furniture, and personal touches to provide chances for connections and relaxed gatherings. The gatherings always take place around the fire pit outside, which she hid beneath the tabletop of a blue tile to serve as a spot for serving food and snacks.

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