Dark Kitchen Cabinet Colors for a Moody Space

White cabinets are an excellent option. However, dark and moody cabinetry for kitchens is gaining popularity. Although it might seem odd, choosing darker colors could give a kitchen more depth and interest. Additionally, dark and rich colors can make a cozy and welcoming area ideal for relaxing gatherings.

If you’re concerned about the room being dark, particularly in the case of a smaller kitchen, Use natural warmth and light to soften the space and give it a more spacious feeling. “The amount of light plays a big role in how the space looks and feels,” says Hannah Yeo, Benjamin Moore’s director of development, marketing, and color. “If you have windows in the room, take advantage of this to maximize the natural light.”

Yeo suggests adding warm tones and decorative elements can help prevent your kitchen from being unnaturally dark or cramped. “If your kitchen faces north or gets little to no light, think about how you can distribute color to create a cohesive look,” she says. “Placing a mirror facing the light source also helps to reflect more light in the room.”

Navy Black and navy are the most popular colors. However, they’re by no means the only colors that can be used for dark cabinets in the kitchen. We talked with experts in paint colors to learn about the best shades that work well with kitchens in dark cupboards. These ideas will give your kitchen and dining spaces a warm and polished look.

Rich Brown

Expect to see reds and browns in the “defining color families” of 2023, claims Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. “It’s been so exciting to see people increasingly using their kitchens as a canvas for creative expression, from experimenting with different definitions of ‘neutral’ colors to being more playful with both color and pattern to bring different types of energy into a space,” she says.

Wadden says that in cabinets and kitchens, it is possible to see crimsons, such as Sherwin Williams’ Carnelian and Toile Red–become the most popular shades. Intense purples, rusts, and warm reds will likely be the most popular colors for kitchen cabinets in the coming months.

Classic Navy

Kitchen cabinets in dark blue are timeless, so you don’t have to be concerned about the cabinets in your kitchen going out of fashion. Navy is a stylish but timeless style that’s contemporary and luxurious. ” Hale Navy is one of my absolute favorites,” Yeo declares. “It’s a sophisticated, deep, rich blue color that is simply stunning.”

“This versatile hue works well with many different hues,” Yeo says. “Pair this with a clean white countertop to create an elegant appearance. To create a more softer contrast, soft off-whites, like Pale Oak, gives a hint of warmth. Wood, gray, and brass tones are also a great match for Hale Navy cabinets.”

Deep Pewter Green

It’s a touch of homey and elegant with gray-green cabinets. Wadden recommends using Pewter green, “a deep, bold sage green color with gray undertones that adds flair without overwhelming the entire kitchen.”

Wadden says people have been drawn to “tuxedo cabinets” (dark cabinets at the bottom, paired with lighter upper cabinets) in past years, and she expects to see this trend persist. She suggests blues and gem-toned colors “for a non-traditional pop of color.” She is a fan of deep greens in kitchens as they give a classic look to a contemporary style. “It’s a great look for all sorts of design styles, from cottage to contemporary,” she says.

Neutral Black

The classic black cabinets add a touch of luxury to a kitchen and help ground the room. Actual black is a neutral background; therefore, any color you select will work well with it. “Black, of course, offers ultimate sophistication and vast depth,” says Erika Woelfel, vice president of creative and color service at the Behr Paint Company. She also suggests that if looking for a less dark shade for your kitchen cabinets, it’s almost black, similar to ” Cracked Pepper is a strong and inviting alternative to black.”

Dark Blue-Black

Railings by Farrow & Ball is a popular choice for accent walls, room cabinets, and other areas since it can read black and blue depending on the lighting. It draws attention while being comfortable and easy to approach.

“We’re seeing dark colors such as Railings being used on kitchen cabinetry as a way to calm an otherwise busy space in the home,” says Erin Deane, color consultant for Farrow & Ball. “The darkness establishes a grounding effect and pairs well with a beautiful light neutral on the walls. These weighted schemes create a lot of depth without feeling busy. ”

Deep Blues

Dark shades such as navy or deep royal blue can be timeless choices and work perfectly with the airy and light look that’s currently popular. Navy cabinets for kitchens are a timeless option to give the room the color of the day while maintaining an old-fashioned, collegiate look.

“We’re seeing deeper, more saturated colors like Navalbecoming more and more popular in the kitchen because they help ground the space while also creating an attention-grabbing focal point, particularly when used on kitchen cabinets,” Wadden states.

Earthy Greens

Green kitchen cabinets of any shade are popular because they bring energy and impact to the room while remaining grounded and shady. The Behr Vine Leaf “is a bold and dignified green that makes a dramatic statement,” Woelfel states. It’s dark enough to make a powerful focal point yet bright enough not to encroach on an area.

If you prefer blue as a shade, Woelfel suggests Midnight Blue, “a deep navy that offers classic elegance” and can produce the same effect.

Moody Charcoal

The charcoal tones provide a perfect middle ground between the stark black kitchens of the present and the lighter gray tones typical of the farmhouse design. Charcoal provides warmth and depth to kitchens and creates an uncluttered space that can accommodate any design scheme. “Deep colors such as Hopper Head present a modern and sophisticated backdrop for any kind of decor,” Deane states. “Add a splash of Red Earth on an island and you have yourself an inviting room for family and friends to gather.”

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