Excellent Picture Frame Mockups for Every Project

Do you want to protect your photographs, drawings, paintings, or other artwork? Frames can be used to enhance the visual appeal of your artwork. Edges will not only keep your artwork safe, but they will also add charm and sophistication to it. These mockups are great for artists, photographers, and creative people. Check out this list to find the perfect picture frame mockup for you.

This list is essential for anyone who works with photography, art galleries, indoor posters, or interior design. A picture frame mockup can help you determine the best materials to give your artwork an artistic appeal. You don’t have to display your photos as they are, but you can make them stand out with stunning frames. You can promote your photography business by using a picture frame mockup.

This list of free mockups for picture frames will show you different ways to display your artwork with other frames. Although the structures are different in shape and material, they all offer similar benefits. This is how to make your artwork stand out! Make sure your clients are impressed by this collection’s best picture frame mockups before you show off your artwork. Enjoy!

Illustration of an Art Print Frame in Modern Living Room

The mockups are perfect for photographers, designers, and artists who want to showcase their creations in a frame. This living room set can create a natural setting that looks very real. You can now decorate the living room with any vertical design or image you like. Hit the Upload button on Placeit to upload your creation (1000x15000px). You can crop it and reposition it so that it fits your needs.

Illustration of two art prints in a modern and minimalist bedroom

Let’s get moving with this picture frame mockup. It features two prints that hang on a bedroom wall. This minimalist design will give your images and designs a more vibrant look. You can upload multiple formats, and you can also change the colors of each poster individually. Although the process may seem simple, the result will be professional. Place platforms are a great way to make a difference. You will never want to go back.

Mockup of three Art Prints in a Dining Room

A wall with three picture frames in a dining area could have one, two, or three of them. You can use this wall as a dining room or office rest area. You can add your design and alter the color of each art print. You can upload any image up to 800x1100px or more prominent, which will fit the entire area. No need for color editing. You can upload a smaller image, crop it and experiment with different color combinations. Placeit offers many options, and you can use your favorite browser to access them all.

Art Print Mockup featuring a Wooden Picture Frame

A picture frame mockup can promote your image, design, or other creatives. You can leave things simple. A pre-designed template can be used to create excellent results in no time. This is precisely what you will get when you download the mockup. Upload your image to complete the project. You can change the paper’s color and add text overlays such as a call to action or other text. You can make it stand out and give your presentation a realistic look.

Mockup of a Picture Frame

This mockup is simple and minimalist and will help you present your image in the best light. The mockup will give your creation a brighter look with a black background and frame. You can easily add your design to the mockup using the upload function. You can edit and crop it to your liking or leave it as it is if you are satisfied with the fit. Keep in mind that the mockup’s working area is 600×800 pixels. You can also edit the color and add text. Placeit makes it easy to do the presentation.

Mockup of a Picture Frame

This picture frame mockup features a small statue and a bucket of flowers. The photo frame is made from wooden, making the experience more natural. Your design, artwork, or photography are all that this mockup template lacks. You can quickly go to Placeit and upload your work to the mockup for instant inclusion. It’s as easy as it sounds. You can do all of the editing in-browser, which significantly speeds up the process. Anyone can create a photo-realistic presentation in a framed edition of their work without a sweat.

Photo Frame Mockup with Candles and a Glass Bottle

This is a great way to present small photos realistically. This mockup will give you a stunning and realistic display of your work that will make a lasting impression. You want to ensure you get all the mockups we have for you if you are trying to figure out how to present your creations. Mockups are a great way to test things before you send your art out for printing. The mockup template will show you the potential outcome in just a few seconds.

Three poster frames hanging on a white wall.

Sometimes, you stick with one image, and other times you keep it all. To each their own. This picture frame mockup will do you a favor if you’re creating a presentation of your photographs or other artwork. It features three images/posters you can edit at your discretion. You can upload a new design to each one. You can crop, reposition and fit your idea to the frame. You can change the poster’s color to any shade you like. You can also share your custom message with just one click.

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