Amazing Pillow Mockup Templates 2020

A pillow mockup is all that’s needed to create a photorealistic presentation. This roundup will show you many options to help you get started quickly. You can easily edit all mockups to add your design. Many mockups allow you to alter the color of the pillow, cushion, and background.

Create a new design that will inspire you and help you increase your creativity. Pillows and cushions are great for better sleeping and great decoration pieces that can even be given as gifts. You can personalize any of these pillow mockups to match your taste.

A mockup template will give you a better idea of the final product. You can wait to send it. Instead, you can test it first with a mockup template and see if there are any issues. The process is quick and easy, but the results will be excellent.

Best PSD Pillow Mockups

Mockup of a smiling woman holding a pillow

While relaxing on her favorite chair, a female model holds her favorite pillow. The same pad could represent your design and help you get noticed. The pillow is square in size at 1200x1200px. However, it can be a different design. It is possible to create different scenarios by simply cropping and repositioning the design. You can change the color of your pillow to any shade you like. You can be someone other than a designer, but you have the pillow’s design in hand. This mockup will allow you to create a professional demonstration.

Mockup with Two Customizable Square Pillows

This simple but powerful pillow mockup is customizable in all aspects. You can create a lifelike presentation with custom designs and multiple color options. You only need the design and a web browser to get started. Placeit allows you to modify the template in-browser. Each pillow can be used to show a different format, or you can use one pad to highlight the front and back. You can also change the background and the colors of each item. You can also add text or a graphic to the articles.

Mockup of Home Decor – Featuring a Duvet cover and two pillows.

This pillow mockup is perfect for showcasing the design of a duvet. Creating a photorealistic presentation will take little time and almost no effort. Each pillow can have a different plan, as can the duvet. You can also keep them all together. There’s more. There are many options. You can make each item your color or keep them the same. It’s an easy task that will result in a great look.

Mockup of two squared pillows

Square pillows are used mainly for decorating sofas and other furniture but not for sleeping. This is fine. This mockup template is very realistic and can be used to showcase two of your most exciting designs. The cushions or pillows, whatever you prefer, are placed on a grey sofa with two. Books A small amount of greenery. You can change the color of any pad with the handy color picker. All it takes is a few clicks to get started.

Mockup of a Couple Sitting on the Couch With Pillows

This pillow mockup will keep things cozy, and you’ll impress everyone with your presentation. The template shows a couple enjoying their favorite hot beverage on a couch while relaxing with pillows. This mockup is just like any other on Placeit. It’s easy to use and modify. Once you have your designs, all you need to do is upload them to Placeit. For added versatility, the pillow’s working area is 1200x1200px or 1400x900px. To complete the job, you can change the colors and add a text overlay.

Mockup Square Pillow Mockup

Here’s a mockup of a pillow that is a bit simpler. This mockup features a square cushion at the corner of a sofa. It is an excellent option to display a unique image, quote, or pattern on a pillow. Just click the button to attach your design, and it will be said on the pad immediately. You don’t have to reposition or crop it if it is 1200x1200px. Keep in mind that all editing is done in Placeit’s browser, making the entire process easy.

Square Pillow Mockup featuring a young man sitting on a couch

Sofas are not just great for watching TV but also for working or shopping. Laptop, too. To make the experience even more enjoyable, consider adding a personalized pillow to your order. This pillow mockup captures that exact feeling. The mockup features a smiling man sitting on the couch with his laptop early in the morning. The mockup can be easily enhanced with your artwork and design. It takes very little to create a final product that will impress and amaze everyone.

Mockup: A woman covers her face with a pillow

Here’s a mockup of a pillow design that is fun and interesting. This trendy and cool solution shows a woman covering her face with a cushion. The working area measures 1400×900 pixels. You can crop or reposition your image regardless of whether it is larger or smaller. If your idea fits perfectly, you’re just a few clicks from finishing the project. The result will be an accurate representation of your design. It can be used on Social media. You can do this on your blog, store, newsletter, or marketing campaign.

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