Double loft bed

Have you got high expectations about your loft bed designs? Get inspired by some of the most innovative ideas for loft beds suitable for children and adults.

Lofted beds are a fun twist on the standard bed designs. They add a bit of novelty to kids’ bedtime.

Lifting the bed or stacking it two (or three) high will give you more space.

Loft Bed Ideas

We’ve gathered inspiration for loft beds, from magical spaces that conjure up dreams of enchanted forests to modern styles and triple bunks. We also asked experts to share the best loft bed ideas.

Get Themed Loft Beds to Add Whimsy

The loft bed is a magical place for children.

Create a theme room with colorful wallpaper for children’s bedrooms, murals, and creative ideas for headboards.

Add a loft-style bed in the shape of a treehouse or flying spaceship, or even a princess’s castle with turreted walls, and you have a sleeping space that is truly magical.

Loft beds are for adults too

Lofted beds can be used by adults as well. Adults looking for small bedroom ideas can also benefit from lofted beds.

Designer Richard Felix Ashman says: “When designing the loft beds for our Hudson Valley Barn Project, we created large sleeping platforms designed for Queen-size mattresses.

Ashman has made the best of a small bedroom in an old stable by stacking beds for adults on top of each other.

Headroom was an important consideration for these beds – we used 36” (91cm) or 91cm. This size creates a cozy sleeping space, allowing a linen storage drawer to roll out beneath the bed.

Use the lower bunk as a daybed

Brent Darby is the photographer.

You may wonder how to style a bed that no one will sleep in for some time.

Don’t always keep the lower platform available for guests if you only use your bunk bed for sleepovers. Make it a daybed for your child to use as a seat.

Decorate the bed like a couch, using throws and scatter pillows instead of sheets and pillowcases.

Make Sure You Have Plenty of Storage

Lofted beds are not just a fun way to sleep; they can also be a creative storage solution for the bedroom.

Interior designer Alexis Hughes designed this bedroom in Manhattan for a family.

We wanted to give the boys their reading area, as the city has limited space. We designed bookcases at the head of each bed to house their favorite reads and ‘treasures.’

The staircase on a loft-style bed is a great place to store additional items. We designed the drawers, in this case, to make the most of the space underneath each step.

The boys can store their golf clubs in the deepest drawers. Each child has a deep drawer underneath the bed to store toys and bulky winter clothes.

Keep Safe with a Guard Rail

Lofted beds are fun but also put sleepers in a high position. You’ll be using the beds at night when you may not have your wits about you. It’s essential to take precautions to prevent any accidents.

Felix-Ashman says it is better to install a guardrail for a part of the mattress to provide safety.

It is essential to ensure that the platform at the top has a rail protruding high enough to catch someone who may try to roll off of their bed.

The rail runs the entire length of the bed but is removed perpendicularly to provide access to the wide ladder on the end that’s less exposed and less dangerous.

Get cozy with a Cocooned Bunk

It’s easy to feel exposed at that height, even though it is fun.

Choose a bunk bed with closed sides and a top to create a cozy feel on the top and bottom.

The idea for a girl’s room includes a panel with a shape that makes the entrance feel surrounded. It also has a curtain so the occupants can completely close the world.

Coziness and comfort go hand-in-hand. Just because you have a bunk bed doesn’t mean you should use anything other than the best mattress.

Add Atmospheric Light

It is essential to ensure that when considering lighting ideas for your bedroom, the switch-off does not leave you walking in the dark.

Bedside lamps are more critical to loft bed users but can be more challenging to place. Consider incorporating lighting in the design of your bed. This can be done with reading, walls, or fairy lights.

Lighting was also a significant factor in the loft bed designs we asked interior designers about. Felix-Ashman, who designed his Hudson barn bedroom, says he installed LED reading lights and lined curtains to create privacy.

Hughes added, ‘We also included hidden lighting along the inner edge of the beds to ensure plenty of light, even if the leading lights were off in the bedroom.

Swap A Ladder For A Full Staircase

Get creative with getting from the bottom bunk to the top.

If you’re looking for something more dramatic than a ladder, look at this loft bed with its staircase.

This shared room idea uses light colors to avoid feeling bulky. The under-bed space is turned into a bedside nook for the lower bed.

This allows smaller family members to access items on shelves above the ceiling easily.

Style It Modernly to Make it Grown-Up

Keep it modern if you want a bunk bed to grow with your child. If you are looking for ideas for teenage bedrooms, then loft beds may be an option. However, it is essential to maintain a sophisticated and mature style.

This bunk bed has a modern design that will look great for years. It can also last the younger occupant into adulthood.

Be sure that the bed will grow with your child. Choose a loft that can accommodate a few growth spurts.

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