Kids toy storage

You’re just one of many who feel like picking up toys and games from the floor, then having to do it again the next day. Toys for kids can be challenging to organize. They’re either small and many (like Legos) or large and hard to store. These storage ideas are a great way to get toys off the floor. These toy storage solutions, including woven baskets, hanging shoe bags, color-coordinated bins, and shelves that look like dollhouses or closets with costumes, may inspire your child to tidy up the playroom. They’ll at least be able to find their toys on their own.

Baskets and Bookshelves in Colorful Designs

Toy storage does not have to be boring. Colorful baskets, rainbow shelves, and rainbow woven baskets keep toys organized while being fun.

Low Shelves

Low shelves allow even the youngest child to find and put away their toys while keeping everything in its place.

A basket that doubles as a coffee table

This large toy bin looks like the chic decor. These pieces often have a lid that can be slid on top to transform the basket into a coffee table.

Hanging Costume Storage

Dress-up clothes deserve to be treated with more respect than just being thrown in a bag. Dresses, other costumes, and shoes are kept in separate boxes. Crowns, accessories, and shoes all have their closet.

Clear Bins

A combination of colorful toys in clear bins and eye-catching wallpaper will always be a winner. Containers on the floor make it easy for children to find their toys.

Drawer Dividers For Baby Toys

Simple drawer dividers are a great way to keep baby accessories and pacifiers sorted in a nursery. You can grab it quickly when you are running late.

Clear Bins from a Cabinet

You can close the cabinet doors and ignore the mess. The bins will help to keep the clutter contained.

Dolls on a Cartwheel

Any parent will tell you that kids are notorious for leaving a trail of toys behind them. These toys never stay in one place. A rolling cart can move dolls and toys from one room to another.

Labeled Bins

It takes little time or effort to label bins. With their simple labels, these woven baskets keep all the toys in one place.

Plastic File Bins For Legos

Legos can be a lot of fun, but they are also messy and quickly stepped on. The drawer opens to reveal a bin of color-coordinated Legos. When it’s time to clean, you can see exactly where everything goes.

A shelf with storage bins for toys

Toys they use daily can be placed in bins on a lower shelf. Unique art supplies and less frequently used toys can be tucked into clear containers at a higher bracket. This will make it easier to locate them.

Toys that Get Used a lot? Clear Bins

This toy storage solution has a bin for all their favorite toys like Duplos and Magnatiles. If your child can’t read yet, if they see a few toys left in the container, then they will know where to put them.

Toy Storage Bookshelf

Never underestimate wire baskets’ power in keeping more giant toys organized. It would be best if you always left some shelves empty for toys which don’t have a specific place.

Play Kitchen Organization

The play kitchen can also store toys for the many play foods on the ground. Use the oven to store even more.

Closet Nook

This closet-turned-play nook is the stuff of dreams. This play nook is a dream come true.

Colorblock Storage Cabinets

This colorful Ikea upgrade will be perfect for your playroom. This colorful Ikea upgrade is fun and bright while providing a space for toys to be hidden. There’s nothing more satisfying than shutting the door to a bunch of clutter.

Kids Craft Storage

What a clever table! It has drawers built in for air supplies. If your table does not have drawers, you can add a set of small plastic drawers for all the crayons, markers, and paintbrushes.

Labeled Bins

Instead of stating what type of toy is inside, the bins are labeled with each child’s name. This allows kids to have a specific place to put their toys. Plus, you can turn clean-up time into a lighthearted competition.

Low Bins for Toys

If you store their favorites low, you won’t need to continually pull toys down to return them later in the day. Higher shelves are ideal for more delicate toys and those that need supervision.

Bookcases with Built-in Storage

It turns out that built-in shelves are for more than just novels. The books, baskets, and toys are arranged in a rainbow-colored scheme.

Toy Storage Colorful

Match baskets in a solid color to the shelves for a vibrant monochrome pop. Mixing bins and shelves is a great way to store all kinds of toys.

Labeled Storage

Bins that have clear labels will allow you to maintain the organization system you’ve created. Fabric bins will keep the mess inside hidden.

Whimsical toy storage

This is a truly fantastic piece of work. This was created using old Ikea units and custom shelving. Everything has a place, or should I say room?

Shoe Bag Toy Storage

The same bags can be used for shoes, sweaters, and toys. This also frees up floor space to store baskets and more oversized items.

Clear Lego Storage

These clear, hinged storage bins will keep Legos from falling on your feet. They can be stacked because they have a top. The hinged lids prevent small pieces from spilling.

Bookcase Storage with Cabinets

The shelves built on top of the cabinets are a great addition. Rainbow books and other unique pieces decorate the shelves. Other toys are hidden in the cupboards.

Playroom with Built-in Storage

Your child may be motivated to play instead of watching TV when they see the toys framing it. Everything has a place, from books to dinosaurs and trucks.

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