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These design tricks and tips will transform a small space into a welcoming gathering area. You can turn a small dining room into a welcoming gathering space, whether you have a designated place, a corner in the kitchen, or a blank wall. These small dining room designs will help you make the space appear larger, improve traffic flow, and add storage.

Small Dining Room Design

Use clever design tricks to create a small, private dining area between your open kitchen and great room. Extending the kitchen floor tiles into the living area helps separate the eating and cooking areas in this combined space. Select a dining set with chairs and a simple and streamlined table. This will take up little space. Hang a light above the table to help define its area. Small cushioned benches provide extra seating, and they also add a feeling of comfort. Simple window treatments on a large window will bring in more light and make the room appear larger.

Small Dining Nook with Pattern

This small dining room is made interesting by a variety of patterns. The black-and-white stripes on the walls create a stunning backdrop for vibrant furnishings. The patterned cement floor tiles add a vintage feel that goes well with the antique bistro chairs. The floral fabric used on the banquette cushion adds personality. This setup shows how to create a small dining area within a larger cooking space.

Cozy Neutral Dining Room

This small dining area is cozy, thanks to the neutral colors and textures. Slipcovered chairs are placed at the head table, while sleek black Windsor chairs contrast with them. A simple wooden buffet has plenty of drawers to store items out of sight and a surface on top for displaying art and accessories. A round mirror above reflects light, making the room seem larger. Warm colors in a patterned rug highlight the rich maple finish of the table.

Use a Small Dining Table

The small table and bench are a great way to maximize space in a small room. The bench can be placed against the wall to maximize the floor space. Airy Caned Chairs create the illusion of more room. Narrow furniture legs keep the area feeling light and open.

Dining area

It can be challenging to create a dining room with an open plan. A large area rug can define the dining room and accommodate a smaller dining set. Modern furniture has clean, simple lines that are stylish and save space. The midcentury dining set features simple legs to keep the room light and airy.

Small Dining Room Wall Treatments

Decorate a small room with an attractive wall treatment, such as board-and-batten. This dining room features a whiteboard and battens extending two-thirds of the wall. A light blue band tops it. The two-toned walls in this dining room are light. However, the dark peacock color on the drapes and chair seats adds depth.

Small Dining Nooks

Small dining rooms can be nooks that are carved from larger spaces. Use similar design elements to unify the dining room with the adjacent areas. This nook is just a few steps away from the adjoining kitchen. It uses the same sleek black-and-white color scheme but with plum accents. The silver-lined interior of a round light fixture adds a touch of modernity to the square table, cabinets, and lighting. Adding minimalist chairs to the dining room and small furniture in the dining area can provide more seating for the kitchen banquette without taking up too much space.

Small Banquette Dining Area

Select a table that follows the lines on your banquette bench for optimal seating and movement in a small area. The rounded banquette bench looks excellent with an oval table. Getting in and out of a banquette with rounded corners is easier. Curtains covering half of the bay windows maintain the soft, natural light while adding privacy and character to the room with a unique pattern.

Colorful Small Dining Area

Use pops of color to liven up a small dining area. This nook features a corner banquette that saves space. It is decorated in pink and oranges. The Roman shade is decorated with a bold print and throws pillows that match. This gives the corner a modern touch.

Small Dining Booth

Dining booths are a great way to relax and have a conversation while maximizing space. This booth’s windows expand the dining room into the outdoors and create a feeling of spaciousness. The white benches and striped cushions add to the casual, relaxed look. Simple pedestal tables without legs at the corners make entering and exiting the booth easier.

Vintage Style Small Dining Room

The white corner banquette in this dining room blends beautifully with the vintage decor and white walls. The intersection is enriched with cream-colored cushions, printed pillows, and textured fabrics. The white color scheme contrasts with a dark table, which keeps the room simple. The wall is lit by small lamp sconces, and framed or canvas artwork adds more color and character.

Small Dining Area

This small dining room is simple and plain in the best possible way. A chestnut pedestal adds a homey, traditional touch to a corner when set against a backdrop of white. The small window banquette can seat two to three people, and the drawers underneath provide extra storage. Simple chairs can be easily repositioned and are lightweight. This allows seating around the table. A lantern-style lighting fixture will draw attention to this area and help it stand out.

Comfortable Small Dining Ideas

If you have limited space, choose extra comfort. This space provides back cushions on the wall, a step up from the standard seat cushions with most banquettes. The banquette base has drawers for extra storage, while the wrap-around bench with three sides provides ample seating. A slim white bar is located right inside the back room door. It is tucked next to the table and does not protrude into the adjacent walkway.

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