Home Decor Ideas That Can Make Your House Look More Expensive

Each room should be treated as a blank canvas

Consider the existing features of your home that you can use as inspiration for decorating ideas. You should consider architectural details like crown molding, wooden beams, and hardwood floors. These details are not just expensive; they’re costly. Keep them as clean and clutter-free as possible, as they are the room’s focal point. Buy something other than a costly painting to compete with an impressive fireplace.

Add some color

Keysha Jillian is the owner and lead designer of K. Jillian Designs, based in Tampa, Florida. Color can be used to change the feel of any room.

Choose towels that you will use

Get rid of old, discolored towels. They make your bathroom look cheap and dirty. Drew Henry, the founder of Design Dudes, says you should proudly display fluffy, white towels like those found in fancy hotels and spas. This will instantly trigger a sense of luxury for your guests. These towels come in 17 colors and are white.

Replace your throw pillows

Replace your throw pillows in the living room. Throw pillows can be used to brighten up a room and add some style, whether they are bought or made yourself. Jillian advises homeowners to replace their old throw pillows with new, brighter ones. Or they can purchase new pillow covers. She says to mix and match textures and colors and create different groupings. More is not always better. Please don’t overdo it with pillows. For spring decorating, you can replace velvet pillows with lighter textures, like cotton.

Add molding

For some house decorating ideas, consider adding moldings to your baseboards, chair rails, and ceilings. It doesn’t have to be Victorian-style or gaudy. A simple, one-shape molding with a single depth will do. Leigh Designs. Here are ten inexpensive decorating ideas to make your house look more expensive.

Hang art on walls

Hanging unique art on the wall is another easy and affordable way to decorate your living room or bedroom. Framed works, from family photos to DIY artwork, can transform a house into a home. Before mounting any artwork, homeowners must determine where it should go and how to hang it. Jillian says that you shouldn’t hang artwork on every wall. If you’re feeling creative, creating artwork can be a cheap way to decorate. You can create beautiful custom canvas artwork at your local craft shop. Just be sure to avoid these common mistakes when hanging picture frames.

Accent with Accessories

Magazines can be a good source of home decor ideas and inspiration for accessorizing your room. Homeowners should shop around to find a more budget-friendly version than what they see in design magazines. Jillian says that accessories can vary significantly in price, but many discount home stores have great deals. HomeGoods is my ‘go-to’ store for home design products (especially Create DIY “built-in” structures.

To make any piece look customized, whether a kitchen cabinet or a bookshelf, you must ensure they fit perfectly into your home. This look can be achieved by extending them from the floor to the ceiling. A bookshelf covering an entire wall is almost always more expensive than a shelf with just one bookcase. This project can be completed on one or two weekends with some planning. You can do these 11 projects for home improvement.

Update old fixtures

Update old fixtures in your kitchen, for example. This is a quick and simple way to decorate. Small details, such as knobs, drawer handles, light switch plates, and handles, can make your home look expensive. These unreasonably priced everyday products are not worth your money.

Add a backsplash to it

A DIY backsplash can be a cost-effective way to add style and color to a kitchen or bathroom. This mosaic wall and floor tile backsplash has a mesh backing to make it easy to install. Consider creating an accent wall using brightly colored paint if the tiling is intimidating. Here are seventeen clever home improvement projects that cost less than $200.

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