Retaining wall ideas

Do you need help holding the landscape together due to poor curb appeal, soil erosion, and slope? These 22 retaining wall ideas will add curb appeal and practicality to your property.

A retaining wall is a wall that retains the soil beneath it. Brick, stone, or timber — your retaining walls can showcase your favorite building material. These retaining wall landscaping options protect your flower beds from erosion and keep pests away from your veggies.

We have 22 ideas for retaining walls that will enhance your landscape and add curb appeal, whether you are a big fan of stacked stones or not.

Natural Stone Retaining Wall

Natural stone walls will blend in with the surroundings easily. To draw attention, stone walls can be adorned with various textures and colors, but they will stay in the surrounding environment, such as a large oak tree or vibrant flower bed.

There are many stone types available. Many stone types are oversized, petite, rough, and smooth. Fieldstones and Flagstones are two famous natural stone retaining wall ideas.

Outdoor Kitchen

You can make your outdoor kitchen’s landscaping ideas creative and transform them into a retaining wall.

How do you do it? Plant a raised herb garden directly behind your outdoor kitchen’s counters. Grab a few basil leaves and sprinkle them on the pizza. Then, you can make your family dinner in the kitchen’s pizza oven.

Keep a water feature

You can also have a retaining wall without soil, just like a garden with no soil. You can retain water to make it more interesting.

You can give your landscape a new look with water features and retaining walls that will help keep the water where it belongs.

A water feature can transform any backyard into a tranquil oasis with soothing sounds and rushing water. Your outdoor fountain will take away the stress of work.

Gabion Basket

Gabion baskets are enclosures or cages made from galvanized or stainless-steel wire. These baskets can be filled with organic materials such as brick or rock to create a landscape retaining wall.

Gabion walls can be easily installed, and homeowners can use materials that make it difficult to stack a retaining wall, such as a small river or round rocks.

Gabion baskets require very little maintenance. Repairing a flattering crack in Gabion baskets is possible, similar to what could happen with concrete walls.

Mix Rock Sizes

Rock walls’ many shapes and sizes are a treat for the eyes.

Your wild rock patterns will add instant curb appeal. You will also have the chance to play real-life Tetris.

You can build on a slope

It can seem impossible to landscape a hill or slope. It’s not worth trying to fight gravity.

Retaining walls can trap soil from the mountain and keep the land together.

Highlight a Tree

Do you think your oak or dogwood tree deserves a spotlight? A small retaining wall can be used during the day, and some landscape lighting can be used at night to bring it to the center of attention.

The retaining wall protects the roots of the tree from erosion. You can even make a flower bed out of it. Add some color to your tree’s trunk using bright flowers and mulch for the final touch.

Timber Retaining wall

Wood retaining walls can be an environmentally-friendly, sustainable option for many homeowners. Wood is more sustainable than other building materials, such as concrete or steel.

Discuss wood sustainability options with a landscape professional. While some landscape companies may offer recycled wood materials to their customers, others might not. Ask if the landscape timber has been sustainably sourced from responsibly managed forest.

Blocks for Landscaping

For easy and quick installation, make a retaining wall using landscaping bricks. The back of landscaping blocks has a self-locking lip and an overhang that holds the block underneath.

These locking blocks can be held together with a mortar or adhesive, depending on what landscaping project you are working on.

Brick Retaining wall

Brick can be used to improve the landscape’s greenery. Brick paver retaining walls and brick blocks are classic options. The red clay of a brick wall will make your flower beds stand out.

Boulder Retaining Wall

Your retaining wall can be large, and you can gather your favorite rocks. You don’t have to display small landscaping blocks on a retaining wall. These large boulders can be stacked to retain soil and control erosion.

It is possible to move boulders with limited equipment. Contact a professional for assistance in transporting these stones from Point A to Point B.

Stone Veneer Retaining Wall

Faux stone is also called stone veneer. It’s an artificial material that replicates the natural look of stone. Stone veneer has a realistic look and a variety of textures, patterns, and colors.

Stone veneer is an attractive option for retaining walls, even though it may not be as natural-looking as natural stone.

Corten Steel Retaining Wall

Corten steel gives your landscape a rugged, natural look. This rigid material is made from alloys that cause steel’s surface to develop a protective layer of rust.

Corten steel has many advantages. It is resistant to corrosion, requires little maintenance, and can be used as a paint substitute.

Make a Retaining wall

Your landscape may need a retaining Wall, but it only requires the extra texture, colors, and patterns common with hardscape building materials.

Wall rendering is the application of a mixture of sand-wet cement to a wall using a trowel. This gives the wall a cement look and conceals existing wall material.

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