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Ping Pong, or table tennis, was first developed in England in the 1880s. It was a game that Victorians of the upper classes played after dinner. A line of books or a knot of string was used as a net. A cigar box lid was used as a paddle.

The modern game of table tennis is viral around the globe. The International Table Tennis Federation, which was founded in 1926, controls the game. Table tennis is an Olympic sport that has included four events since 1988: singles for men, singles for women, teams for men, and teams of women.

The playing surface is 9 feet x 5 feet x 30 inches high. International Table Tennis Federation demands a minimum of 14 m in length, 7 m in width, and 5 m in height for competitions. This sport fits easily in most homes.

Table tennis can be played indoors or outdoors. It is excellent for exercise and hand/eye coordination. F.G. Bradley’s offers commercial and medium-high-end tables that will last many years. These are the features you should look out for when purchasing a table tennis set:

Play surface: First, check the thickness of the table’s top. The thickness of the tops can vary from 1/2″ to 1″. A minimum of 3/4 inch or 19mm thickness should be used for the playing surface. A playing surface less than 3 inches thick will cause uneven ball bounce and warp. Particle board is the most common material used for table tennis tops. Particle boards can be of different quality. A medium-density board will have a higher resin content, which gives it better bounce and warp resistance. A ball dropped from 30cm should bounce up to 21cm. It is also essential to consider how the table is finished. Tables with better bounce and resistance to fading will have multiple layers of finish. Because they are smooth, screened-on lines are better than tape lines.

Aluminum or Wood Play Surfaces: Most ping pong tables are made with a wooden playing surface. While this is great for indoor use, it is not recommended for outdoor or extreme temperatures. These play surfaces are weatherproof aluminum. These tops have a wood core that is sealed within an aluminum shell. These tops are weatherproof and can be used outdoors. These tops can resist warping.

Indoor Playing Surface Weatherproof Playing Surface

Chassis, Frame, or Under-Carriage: A table’s durability depends on the frame underneath the playing surface. This aluminum or galvanized tubing is used in cheap tables. These tables with low ends can become unstable and even collapse over time. Tables of heavy steel tubing and a sturdy central transport frame are better. For the best strength and stability, oval or square tube legs are preferred. The solidity of the table is also affected by the number of cross beams and connections to the playing surface.

Fold and Store: Choose a table that folds down and stores compactly. Because the play surfaces are retractable into the main transport frame, they are easier to hold and fold. Multiple or large wheels will provide better support and make moving the table easier. Locked wheels allow one person to fold the table up without it rolling away.

Accurate playback: Most tables let you fold one side into storage and use that as a bounce-back surface. Some tables leave a large gap between the folded side and the net when it is folded up for playback. Realistic playback is impossible because the ball must be hit harder to ensure it doesn’t fall between the net and the folded-up surface. For pragmatic solo play, better tables fold so that there is very little (or no) space between the vertical play surface of the net. Playback is great for warm-up and practice.

Locking Mechanisms – Kettler tables have a unique locking mechanism. The locking mechanism prevents accidental opening and closing of the table. When the table is folded up, the play surfaces lock into place. They cannot fall on someone or injure them. Little fingers won’t get caught between the characters.

Net and Post System: High-quality table tennis tables come equipped with a net system. The best tables have an integrated post system that attaches to the frame. This ensures that the net can always be deployed, whether folded or not. Please make sure the trap is adjustable so it stays tight.

Assembly: Table tennis tables need to be assembled in some way. Make sure you understand the process. F.G. Bradley’s tables come with easy-to-follow instructions and all the necessary tools to set them up. Please inquire about our services for delivery and setup in Toronto and the surrounding areas.

We highly recommend Kettler Table Tennis Tables

The company was founded in 1949 as a small business in Heinz Kettler’s hometown in Germany. It has since become a global manufacturing enterprise, employing 3000 people and selling in 60 other countries. Heinz Kettler has remained true to the “made in Germany” quality principle and remains the core of the company’s management philosophy. Kettler is a well-known German manufacturer of high-quality equipment. Ask any German. Germany has the world’s most significant professional table tennis league, making it an excellent manufacturing location for ping pong. Germany boasts a table tennis league with over 800,000. Germany has the manufacturing capabilities to make the best table tennis tables in the world. These tables are guaranteed to last for years and offer excellent value for money. The tables also have fantastic safety features and 2 to 3 warranties. We highly recommend the entire Kettler table tennis range.

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