Pastel Paint Colors for 2023, as per experts

If you’re searching for a color that is more vibrant than neutral but not as strong as a saturated, deep hue, go for pastel colors. Although pastel shades are typically associated with children’s rooms or seasonal spring decor, they’re surprisingly adaptable and can be used with various styles of decorating. A gentle pastel shade can add color and character to any room without overwhelming the space.

Make a statement with a fun pastel hue by combining it with lighter colors to create an exciting and refreshing appearance. You can also create a peaceful ambiance in your bathroom or bedroom by mixing pastel shades with natural accents and finishes to create an elegant and timeless style.

Make your home look fresh and freshen up with these pastel shades, from gorgeous dusty purple to a magnificent shimmer of periwinkle. Industry experts agree that they are the most popular pastel paint colors for 2023.

Angelica by Benjamin Moore

This dreary lavender shade sets the mood for a calm, serene atmosphere in your dust room or primary space. Hannah Yeo, color marketing and development manager at Benjamin Moore, affirms, ” Angelica is calm and sophisticated, providing you the warm glow to start your day.” The cool undertones of the color lend the color a modern and fresh style that can be utilized in many different ways, as Yeo says. “Infused with a gray undertone, this versatile hue can be a great connecting color to other colors in the house–think of a hallway bridging different colored spaces or a backdrop for a gallery wall,” Yeo says.

Tradewind by Sherwin-Williams

The soothing blues are a favorite choice for pastel paint shades. Tradewind by Sherwin Williams perfectly blends elegance and playfulness without being too childish. Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams, states that this color is a light blue breezy due to its warm green hue and soothing gray undertones. “With pastel blues, homeowners should avoid too many red undertones, which will make it look periwinkle,” Wadden states. “A touch of grey is always preferable to keep the color from looking too sweet.” She suggests using the color as an accent wall — or the fireplace that makes a statement–to add an air of fun.

Pale Powder by Farrow & Ball

Interior designer Cathie Hong suggests Pale Powder from Farrow & Ball to get a pastel hue with a warm but refreshing note. She says, “It’s a chameleon color that sometimes looks like a soft blue and sometimes a pale green.” This paint color has an airy and light feel and can work equally in an attic room as it would for kitchen cabinetry. “We refinished a dark kitchen with this paint color on the cabinetry, and it instantly brightened the space without blending into the white walls and ceiling,” Hong says.

Vanilla Ice Cream by Behr

Add a bright splash of pastel yellow to your walls with the cheery shade of Vanilla Ice Cream by Behr. Erika Woelfel, VP of creative and color services at Behr, suggests this shade, which she describes as “a happy lighter yellow.” The paint’s soft tone can be described as a genuine pastel, which appears cozy and warm when combined with white trim and molding; however, it looks equally stunning with cooler neutrals to create more modern spaces.

Setting Plaster by Farrow & Ball

To get a versatile soft pink shade, Patrick O’Donnell, international brand ambassador for Farrow & Ball, recommends Setting Plaster. It can bring a warm, soft feel to the room and works with different light levels. “It can act as a neutral in brightly-lit interiors and then as a rich, warm base-layer in poorly lit rooms,” O’Donnell claims. He suggests using this pastel to create a peaceful bedroom or kitchen cabinet background. “The underlying brown notes stop it from being perceived as overtly pretty or pink,” the designer points to the subtle nature of the hue.

Hybrid by Behr

Design a natural-inspired space that is as tranquil as it does reviving Hybrid, a painting by Behr. This gentle green hue is among Woelfel’s top picks for pastel paint shades. “Its subtly toned quality gives it a fresh appeal and more versatility,” she declares. Utilize this classic yet fresh pastel to give a sleek appearance in your bath and your laundry space, or even paint your front door to welcome guests into your residence.

Windmill Wings by Benjamin Moore

Bring a room to life with positive energy by painting walls using Windmill Wings from Benjamin Moore. Yeo describes this pastel shade as a vibrant and cheerful color that adds a sense of whimsy to any room. “A splash of purple adds personality to the crowd-pleasing blue hue, making it a great color for a guest bedroom,” she states. “Pair it with other fresh pastels to bring a fun, lively vibe or layer in a quiet neutral hue to create a cottage-inspired, charming oasis.”

Glamour by Sherwin-Williams

If you’re looking for a more profound and elegant pastel shade, Wadden suggests Glamour by Sherwin Williams. “It’s the perfect balance between pink and mauve, which brings a sense of freshness and nature to any room,” she declares. Wadden recommends using this shade in the bedroom because it gives a classic and neutral look while also providing some pop of color.

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