Loft bed with desk

Loft beds are designed for adults. They’re which is similar to what loft beds are for children. Loft beds are a space-saving option that maximizes vertical space, creating a higher perch to sleep and leaving room to live. Loft beds can refer to anything from a freestanding bed with space beneath for a table or seating, or a loft-style apartment with a mezzanine bedroom that is accessible via an incline or the staircase.

See these fashionable and creative lofts for adults from interior designers from around the world to get ideas on how you can maximize the air space in your studio, small house, guest cottage, or any other tiny space while also raising the level of your décor.

Paris Modern

The modern mezzanine bedroom designed to blend seamlessly in the eaves of a historical Paris rooftop residence by Leymarie Gourdon Architectes is reached via a striking stairs made of black steel. A wall that seamlessly integrates storage seamlessly blends the old with the modern to create a practical space that makes the most of the tall ceilings that are vaulted and show off the original wood beams that were exposed.

Global Nomads

The long-stay apartments created by the interior design firm Concrete at Zoku Amsterdam were designed to accommodate travelers from all over the world who require an area that can be used for living and work. The apartments have loft beds that are accessible via an escalator which is closed by modern wood slat door screens in the daytime.

Petite Parisian

The 205-square-foot Parisian studio apartment designed by Neva Interior Design offers a fresh and airy vibe due to its color palette of green, white, and wood tones. It also has its loft bed seamlessly integrated, which makes use of the high ceilings.


Loft beds in Sandra Foster’s all-white one-room Victorian home located in the Catskills of New York are draped in draped curtains that are slender, with vintage linens and adorned by a chandelier made of crystal that is lit with candles.

Guest Cottage

The Massachusetts lakehouse guest cottage designed by the interior design firm Jill Najnigier of JN Interior Spaces features a loft area that is built into the room beneath its magnificent ceilings that are vaulted. The designer chose blue paint and stained wood, so its lofted bed is seamlessly incorporated with the background of one side of the house, allowing plenty of space for living at the center of the room, surrounded by the massive chandelier.

Ground Floor

The Stockholm ground-floor studio by Fantastic Frank has ceilings high enough to fit a loft bed that is accessible by a ladder which allows the space for a comfy sitting area beneath.

Industrial Chic

Italian company Cristina Meschi Architetto has created an industrial-chic mezzanine bed inside a 323-square-foot loft in Milan that’s filled with interesting designs and textures, including an OSB loft bed, to the walls with concrete finishes as well as exposed brick.


A loft-style bed is an iconic tiny home style that utilizes vertical space to make the overall size of the room small. In this beautiful tiny home made by Contemporary Tiny Living, the loft is accessible via an inviting staircase, and the color scheme of black and white in the interior provides a clean and contemporary look.


Interior designer Margaux Carnevali from France-based Neva Interior Design transformed a 205-square-foot studio into an inviting space that includes an loft bed that is accessible via the ladder and various finishes that include stunning stained wood, clean and white brick, exposed and a bold blue accent.

All White

The tiny Stockholm studio designed by Fantastic Frank has a loft bed that can be accessed through steps built around the kitchenette and above the dining space. The all-white color scheme keeps the small, functional area looking unified.

Striking Staircase

The sophisticated loft bed by Italian architect firm Nonestudio can be accessed thanks to a striking staircase made of metal which transforms the 150-square-foot top-floor studio in Milan into a practical and fashionable space that has the appearance of grandeur, despite the tiny size.

Multilevel Access

The sprightly loft area in the guest house of French Interior design firm Space Factory is accessible via a tiny staircase with a 5-step ladder that separates the descent and climb. Loft beds can be protected with a terracotta color enclosure with a window, creating an illusion of a mini studio with 248 square feet, which is fully furnished with a kitchen, laundry room, as well as a bathroom, dining, and living spaces.

Winding Staircase

The adult loft bed is made on the roof of an old Swedish home located in Stockholm made by Fantastic Frank, along a spiral staircase that has the classic bentwood handrail, a testimony to the importance of making use of every square inch to make the most of a tiny footprint and the utmost style.


Warsaw-based Polish interior design company Home and Wood created a chic loft bed that is accessible via an elegant black ladder that provides space for a comfortable sitting space beneath.

Go Green

The French loft bed space that was built over the bathroom and entrance of a studio apartment by Neva Interior Design is defined with a bright green paint that matches the white walls and makes it a proud its own.

Colorful Staircase

The spacious loft bedroom within this Swedish apartment by Fantastic Frank is situated above the kitchen, which is accessible via wood steps as well as an opaque powder-coated metal guardrail painted in the same light blue hue as everything else in the area.

Swedish Loft

The loft bed in this Swedish apartment designed by Fantastic Frank offers comfortable ceilings and views of the surrounding space from behind the aerating metal guardrail. The loft is furnished with the same care for details like all the rooms in the room and includes matching nightstands, as well as cute gold pineapple lamps and dark black shade.

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