Indoor swimming pool

Indoor pools are a great luxury that can be enjoyed any time of the day or night. In a temperature-controlled environment shielded from the elements, you can enjoy a swim, whatever the season. Also, it’ll make handling outdoor pool maintenance more manageable, like cleaning up debris and leaves.

A few indoor pools are connected to the living area through sliding glass doors or walls of glass. Indoor pools in townhomes or apartments may be situated on the basement levels. The larger residential properties might have separate pools that are located next to the main residence, which may also include additional amenities like showers, spas, or a bar with entertainment space.

You may be thinking of converting the space in your home to accommodate an indoor swimming pool, constructing the indoor extension of your pool on your property, or creating an entirely freestanding indoor swimming pool within the backyard. The advantage of having an indoor pool will mean that you are able to create and design it to match the style of your house. It may be a matter of effortlessly integrating your indoor pool into the other elements of your interior design to ensure that the swimming pool looks as elegant as any other room in the home. This could involve mixing finishes, materials, designs, and materials. It could also mean even adding a modern-looking pool house to an old property to enhance the relationship between modern and old.

Take a look at these ideas for indoor swimming pools in a variety of styles and sizes to help you create your private all-weather indoor poolside paradise.

Embrace Japanese Minimalism

The elegant and elegant lakeside retreat by Envi Interior Design Studio includes an indoor pool spa that is part of a spa, pool house gym, and art gallery complex in the spirit of Japanese minimalism and style. The design includes customized doors, Venetian stucco walls, shoji screen, as well as an outdoor shower with teak slatted drainage details.

Modernize the Mediterranean

Based in San Francisco, Geddes Ulinskas Architects, a firm based in San Francisco, constructed a contemporary pool house to match the historic Mediterranean-style home. “Although the architecture is modern in design, the finish on the doors and metalwork, the plaster, and the stone were all designed to be in harmony with the original historic main house,” Ulinskas states. Doors that stack permit to flow between the pool structure and the courtyard that leads to the main residence. A lounge area at one end of the building offers expansive views of San Francisco Bay. San Francisco Bay, and the mood lighting changes color.

Line It With Windows

This airy and bright indoor swimming pool by Crisp Architects is the ideal combination of both that is protected from the elements, making it more manageable and use regardless of the weather conditions, yet surrounded by wrap-around windows that link it to the outside and give you a refreshing view of the green area to the opposite side of the glass. Skylights, pool lights, and even indoor wall sconces that provide lighting make sure that the area is illuminated at all times of night or day.

Paint the Ceiling

The small indoor pool was created by French Interior designer Jacques Garcia for Maison Souquet, which is a five-star hotel situated in the Montmartre region of Paris. It has moody dark blue walls, which creates a feeling of depth within a compact space. It also has a gilded ceiling design that you could abandon while lying on your back in the pool.

Add Modern Style

The Los Altos, California, pool home by Framestudio is an extension to a 1966 ranch-style residence that has an area for wellness. “The design concept was inspired by European planning laws that dictate additions to listed historic structures be in the style of the current times, intentionally contrasting with the original,” the architects describe in their description of the project. “The simple geometry and limited materials give clarity to the new addition. The exterior is punctuated by a cladding of vertical cedar battens, which will age to soft gray over time. Along the neighbor-facing facade, the cladding forms a screen, offering privacy and as screening out the harsh sun.”

Clad the Walls With Plywood

The inside of this pool house by Framestudio is finished with plywood which gives warmth and vitality to the modern and fresh black-and-white space.

Keep It Front and Center

This stunning Sea Cliff, New York swimming pool home by Smiros & Smiros Architects isn’t a gimmick and is a full-on element of the home which functions as a central artery linked to a living with a lounge area at a lower level and a loft above.

Create a Destination

The pool house by Smiros & Smiros Architects is more than an ideal spot to relax and take a dip. It’s a stunning display and a place to relax by warm light and stunning chandeliers to enjoy a night out when the sun sets.

Lap It Up

The indoor lap pool designed by Revamp Interior Design is seamlessly built into the West Village, NYC townhouse, and is visible from a variety of angles.

Show It Off

Metal-framed glass walls transform the indoor pool of the Revamp Interior Design into a gigantic human-sized fish tank or artwork that is brought to life whenever someone swims in it, adding drama and a sense of theatre to the overall design.

Add a Skylight

The indoor pool designed by Revamp Interior Design can be seen from the patio’s outdoor area through an open skylight which lets natural light be reflected into the lap pool.

Celebrate Midcentury Style

This newly renovated Midcentury Modern indoor pool designed by Leanne Ford Interiors pays tribute to the style of the house with its painted white stone paver and shiplap walls. It also has a collection of oversized white lanterns that form a massive pendant lighting that hangs on the kidney-shaped swimming pool.

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