How to create a spa-style guest bathroom

Our guest bath has been working overtime this year, with summer underway and many friends visiting our Montana ranch. My goal is for our houseguests to feel at home and well-pampered while they are with us. I do my best to ensure that they have everything they need. This extends to the bathroom. I found a beautiful and affordable way to keep it stocked and looking good throughout the year. Today, I share tips on creating a spa-like guest bathroom that your company will love.

This post contains affiliate links and is sponsored by Walmart. You should know that I only recommend products I love and use!

It is essential to provide amenities that can be reused by guests and are easy to refill, wash, or restock. I use simple white accessories to give our bathroom a bright and vibrant look.

In recent years, I found my favorite and most affordable bath accessories at WalmartHome. Their selection of toothbrush holders and soap dispensers is fantastic.

This charming ceramic collection is my favorite. To ensure our guests are well-fed, I fill the soap dispenser with my favorite liquid soap and fill the stackable containers with cotton swabs or cotton balls. The Wicking Ceramic Diffuser is also my favorite because it allows me to add essential oil to create a spa-like scent in the bathroom.

Plush and soft are my favorite bath towels! Mixing two towels or styles is a great way to let guests know which one they have. In the guest bathroom, I used a basic White towel set from Walmart Home and a gorgeous reversible Paisley patterned towel set that adds a nice pop of color.

In your guest bathroom, guests can distinguish which set they have by mixing two different patterns or colors of towels.

My favorite thing about vacation is to take a long soak in the tub. I also love it when I go on vacation. I added a bamboo tub caddy in the guest bath to make it even more appealing. To create a spa-like experience, I said a jar filled with lavender bath salts and a copy of our family’s favorite book.

Last but not least, it is easy to forget something when packing. I keep a drawer in my guest bathroom filled with additional essentials like deodorant and shavers, soap bars, sunscreen, and toothbrush sets. Loofa sponges individually wrapped in plastic are an excellent spa-style option. All the conditions were available at my local Walmart in the cosmetics section.


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