How to Buy the Right Area Rug

It was nerve-racking to purchase a new area rug in our living room. It isn’t easy to choose from so many different options in materials, textures, and patterns. It took patience and a lot of time, but I finally found a rug I loved, and that fits perfectly in my living room. Today, I’m sharing some tips on how to find the perfect area rug.


The overall look you want to achieve will determine the size of the rug. You should ask yourself if you wish your entire furniture to be on the carpet. This will make it more prominent in your room. Or do you prefer that only the front legs of your furnishings are on the carpet?

I knew that I wanted my living room to have a rug. I measured my furniture’s length and width to determine the minimum size. To make the carpet stand out in my oversized room, I increased the width of my measurement.

On the other hand, our outdoor patio rug is placed between the furniture, making a much smaller statement in the space.

THIS GUIDE will help you decide on the right size rug for you. It shows all the possible furniture placements and how they look.


This is my favorite part about rug shopping. I’ve had several different rugs in my living rooms, each giving me a different look. A light-colored carpet can create a distinct look from a dark or warm rug.

Consider whether you want to brighten your space, add color and warmth, or make a bold statement.

The textured cream area rug, pictured above, adds light and brightness to my living space, especially when placed on a darker wooden floor. It complements the darker sofas and blends well with the linen color of the chairs. This neutral color palette allows you to add different accent colors throughout the year.

Contrastively, the darker blue patterned rug creates a warmer feel in the room. The sofas blend instead of contrasting. It is easy to add seasonal accents because of the multiple colors in this rug’s pattern.

The bold design of the Kilim Rug in our cottage bedroom sets the tone and style. Choosing the right color or pattern for your area rug can be challenging. But if you have a goal (lighten, add warmth, make an impact), it will help narrow down the choices and get you moving in the right direction.


I wouldn’t say I like buying rugs online. The color I see online might not match what I see in person, or the pattern may differ from what I see. Although many online shops offer free return shipping, large rugs can often be costly. Manufacturers offer returnable samples that allow you to view the carpet in person before buying. When looking at rugs online, make sure you get a sample size.

If you cannot get a sample, I recommend purchasing a smaller rug to test the color and pattern. I then return it when I’m satisfied with my decision.

Most rugs are two-by-three sizes, which works well for seeing the pattern and color. Although there is a small shipping charge, it is well worth it for the guarantee that I get the exact color and design that I desire. It is less expensive than returning full-sized rugs.

You can also do an image search of the rug online to see if it is available in a smaller size. It has often surprised me how different color sites display the same carpet. This can impact my decision-making. Although there’s no way to be sure that you will love a rug when it arrives, you can combine these two methods to make the best decision.

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