Small laundry ideas

A functional layout for your laundry room simplifies life all around. Even though a limited space can be a challenge, the proper storage and organization methods will give you ample space to store all your essentials. Utilize these laundry room concepts to create a sturdy space for drying, washing, and folding clothes.

Efficient Laundry Room

An array of shelves floating on the wall can help the small laundry room to appear larger. Over the dryer and washer, three frames deep contain a range of items for cleaning and laundry and are neatly organized using bins and baskets. Granite countertops provide an ideal folding space and additional space to store items you use frequently.

Combined Bathroom and Laundry Room

A separate laundry area is something that not all homes have. The laundry facilities here can be conveniently integrated into a bathroom on the first floor. Stacking the dryer and washer helps save space, and open shelves store the laundry and toiletries in easy reach.

One-Wall Laundry Room

This tiny laundry room offers storage and a sense of style in a single-wall design. A butcher block is an open countertop that can be used as a DIY countertop. It also has shelves over the front-loading washing machine and drying. A slim rolling unit provides additional storage space alongside the device. Penny tiles write an entertaining text on your floor, while the sage-green paint provides a splash in color for the ceiling.

Converted Closet Laundry Room

The small laundry room can accommodate all the necessities within a 6-foot-wide closet. Front-loading appliances are finished with the butcher block countertop and placed behind a hamper with two drawers. A drying rack and open shelves allow in place the walls. Barn doors are easy to close when you’re done.

Small Laundry Room Countertops

Front-loading appliances are neatly hidden beneath a glass set in the tiny laundry room. A wooden countertop with a waterfall provides space for folding clothes and a place where laundry bins can be placed. Closed cabinets offer extra storage space for cleaning products, detergents, stain removers, and much more.

Small Laundry Room Design

A small laundry space is an ideal space to create a statement. The bright green floral wallpaper transforms the laundry room’s lower level from plain and utilitarian to bright and lively. Floors with checkerboards and stylish accessories add style to the room.

Hallway Laundry Room

In a hallway, this laundry room has clever tricks to disguise the appliances and storage that are hard-working. Wall cabinets help organize laundry-day essential items hidden behind doors, and a rod of steel is a space to hang dry clothes. A great alternative to heavy laundry baskets, the woven bins that can be placed on top of the dryer and washer can hold loads of clean laundry waiting to be disposed of. Wallpaper wraps the small area with delicate patterns.

Hidden Laundry Room

Make a clone of a laundry room inside a set of cabinets, similar to the ones in kitchens, to keep these appliances from view. The doors to this space open and can slide back to the cabinet so that they do not impede traffic flow. The space above the dryer and washer can be used to store baskets for laundry, while the upper shelves hold cleaning supplies.

Small Laundry Room Storage

Vertical storage makes the most efficient use of space over the kitchen appliances of this compact laundry room. Open cupboards and shelves can store other items, such as lost items, Knick-knacks, other knick-knacks, and much more. A wallpapered frame and art-framed accent wall give a unique look to the space.

Small Laundry Room Closet

In this well-designed loft, the laundry space is tucked away in a small room adjacent to the kitchen. A stackable washer-dryer combination optimizes the use of the area. The open storage compartments surrounding the appliances provide space to hang clothes, store laundry products, and store towels that are not being used.

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