Slim bedside table

What do you do when you aren’t able to put together the bedside table? There’s still a place to sit for a morning cup of tea and your books at night, right? We’re not a sham, but small bedsides and bedside tables are our style, and we’ll help you with many suggestions.

A bedside table that is wall-mountedWall-mounting your bedside table is an absolute must where space is limited. Most often, they are designed for smaller and smaller rooms; the floating table’s dimensions for your bed will likely be significantly smaller than a traditional table. Additionally, it provides an air of lightness and spaciousness beneath. If you have a storage area under the bed, it makes it easier to access everything you require.

Take a look at the Pinterest board for tons of more ideas.

Go big

It may sound strange, but sometimes placing more oversized furniture items near the bed is a good idea. Drawer chest or a dressing table in the table, you can squidge it next to the bed, and it can double as a table for your bedside. Style is all important when you choose this method! Make sure that your drawers are clean and minimalist in appearance by keeping the most you can within the drawer.

Lights Up

If you have an unwieldy bedside table, you’ll want to minimize the things over the bedside. If you can, consider having your bedside lights hanging ceiling lamps and wall lights to maximize the space available for the other necessities.

Be careful not to be matchy-matchy

There is no requirement to have the same bedside on each side! If you have more space on one of the sides than another, you can use a traditional bedside and hang it on the wall. We created bedside tables with the same design as our floating tables to help those in the same situation. You can also go completely different on the sides to maximize your space!

Avoid using an end table for your bed

Who said you must use a real bedside table to make your bedside tables? Look at other furniture pieces that might meet your requirements better. We love a stool to use as an alternative to a bedside table. It is spacious enough to sit on top and has an overall design that is lighter than a table for your bed.

Multi-functional furniture

Find anything that can double in two ways, and you’re winning; use this small side table with a lamp for an example. The lighting is already in place, so why use up your table’s real estate by adding lights? This is a stylish statement and is helpful with a tiny metal shelf beneath for more books.

Lock away

Regarding furniture that can be used for multiple purposes, there’s nothing more stylish than our beds with stow-away sideboards. Sometimes, you’ll need every inch you can find, and if your bed doubles as a workstation, Netflix-watching, or Instagram scrolling zone (yes!), and a place to rest, you may need to make some space in the daytime. The bedside table is big enough to accommodate your coffee or alarm clock, and it also comes with shelves for books. You can put it away during the morning, and you won’t be able to tell it was there.

Use a Ladder

Consider using a ladder as your bedside to make a striking and modern look. With minimal square footage on the floor, this gives the most space. You may need to think more creatively about where you place the water glasses!

Small cube shelf

It’s great because it shows how small space there is; you can easily squeeze in something that can be a table for your bed. Cube shelves are available in every shape, size, and color, so you’ll undoubtedly locate something that fits your space. We prefer solid oak shelves. However, that’s only us!

A nightstand that is hung

This is not for the raucous person, as the items seem fragile! But if you are looking for a tranquil space, why not consider hanging some gorgeous bedsides? We’ve seen many tutorials on Pinterest to make a DIY version, so why not try it out?

Here are our top recommendations for fitting your bedside in even the smallest space; we certainly have many suggestions for making the most of your bedroom space. Perhaps a follow-up blog piece is on the way? We’d like to hear your thoughts about how you can use your freedom to its fullest, and do share! Let us know your top tips.

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