Kitchen wall tiles

Are you in search of kitchen wall tiles that can complement your kitchen? You’ve picked the cabinets, worktops, and flooring, but a third essential element can create or break your ideal kitchen design. Available in many colors and styles, kitchen wall tiles safeguard and personalize the most difficult-working space in your home. From elegant hexagon-patterned splashbacks to floor-to-ceiling color drenching the walls, these chic ceramics are guaranteed to delight. Browse or click for ideas…

Geometric head turners

A bold and angular design is gaining popularity due to the Art Deco trend. Kitchen tile designs with geometric patterns and striking colors add the wow factor and keep you looking at them longer than when the kettle comes to a boil. Make sure to keep the rest of your kitchen neutral and bright so the splashback in the kitchen stands out.

Lavender hues

Lavender is expected to be among the most sought-after colors this year. If you’re renovating your country-style kitchen or bringing a splash of color to your modern kitchen, the mutable color will add a bit of elegance and calm to your splashback.

Palm prints

Because of our constant obsession with the trend of the jungle, palm prints continue to dance happily on wallpaper. Therefore, it’s no wonder the trend for leafy designs is also increasing in bathrooms and kitchens. This lovely Paradis Mere backsplash tile for kitchens from Original Style offers a variety of soft, vintage-style tropical leaf designs.

Vertical stripes

Stripes will never be in style. Why? Because they are timeless and stylish and give impressions of space. The perfect white and blue pinstripes provide a chic navy kitchen with an element of visual delight. The vertical pattern attracts the eye toward the sky.

Glossy, color-drenched

The colors of kitchen cabinets are becoming more bold, and so are the tiles. Together with the vibrant tiles, provide kitchens with a bold and lively edge that’s super-intense. Add a high-gloss finish to the mix, making the results gorgeous, beautiful, and exotic. This style is for the bold, and we adore it.

Stack them up

Kitchen walls with no upper cabinets can benefit from “tile stacking’. The general idea of this term is to split the space using tiles with various patterns, colors, or textures. We like this mix of thin split-face tiles and the smooth slab tiles above in complementary pebbly hues.

Defined grout

Interior style-conscious people are praising contrasting grout. It’s a simple and efficient way to inject personality into classic tiles. Be aware of the latest colors to revamp your house, and you’ll never be disappointed. This gorgeous coral-toned grout frames the tiles in a glossy cream and ticks numerous current trends. It’s earthy, uplifting, and incredibly inviting.

Soft sage greens

2023 will be the year we rekindle our passion for nature. To bring the outdoors into our homes, green will remain our primary color for decorating every space. This shade of green can be described as a gentle shade compatible with nearly every other hue. These tiles are the ideal complement to dark wood kitchens. The criss-cross lines create a visual effect that changes in lighting.

Luxe marble

Another hint to the earthy and natural elements is that Marble is gaining momentum to become the upscale kitchen design of the season. On the outside, the style is sophisticated and luxurious. However, you don’t need much money to achieve a stunning appearance. These authentic marble-effect kitchen tiles have the most stunning gold-colored effect that exudes natural elegance.

Replacements for stickers

If re-tiling your kitchen is a cost you don’t have the time to do, make a change using tiles instead. The tiles can be sprayed on any smooth surface and are perfect for covering the tiles you’re tired of.

Botanical murals

2023 will see us looking for ways to incorporate greenery and plants into our decor themes. In large kitchens, splashbacks provide the perfect backdrop for a mural-style transformation. With the chevron-style metro tiles, this trail of greenery creates a captivating centerpiece in a green forest kitchen.

Heritage fashions

This gorgeous Georgian-inspired border with muted dark grey tones is pre-scored to make tiles simpler and faster to install and give the appearance that they are smaller. This is the perfect kitchen tile splashback for those who love the classic style.

Pastel shades

Do you think of creating a kitchen with pastel tones? What better way to create an eye-catching scene different from the usual such as this gorgeous and chic Miami-inspired space? The pastel shades and curved tiles look beautiful and elegant when paired with vintage gold-trimmed barstools and soft rosy cabinets.

Spaced-out circles

Make a kitchen look inviting by splashing a circular pattern on the backsplash. These porcelain tiles with an encaustic style draw their influence from southern Spain. The enlarged design leaves plenty of space, so they don’t seem overly crowded. The design gives a striking visual effect that will encircle the kitchen area in an open space.

Faux bricks

Give your kitchen a modern or rustic look with open brickwork tiles. Many of us are not fortunate enough to have original brick walls. However, this look is simple to achieve using specially designed tiles to replicate a genuine ceramic brick’s texture, color, and look. Designer and interior stylist Cassie Pryce injected the perfect glimpse into her new kitchen using brick slip tiles as feature walls. Apply a matt sealer on the tile to help them be easier to clean.

Pretty Pennies

The charmingly named penny tiles, also known as tile buttons, have a timeless appeal, are captivating, and are an excellent long-term option for your kitchen. The tiny circles look clean and clean when you are close but become a striking texture feature wall when seen from a distance. Depending on the finishes you pick, they could brighten up your workspace, add an industrial look, or an element of bold color.

Textured teal

A swath of deep color such as this teal hue immediately brings out the woody look of this kitchen in a retro style. A matte and gloss finish and a striking cracked glaze give the tiles a unique character and create a distinctive vintage style. With a fake grout line that makes the appearance of a smaller tile, you can complete the job in just a few minutes.

Hip hexagons

Hexagon tiles could be a solution to an elegantly stylish kitchen. Mix and match the tiles with an exact tonal palette to make the space look bright and contemporary. Keep to a single color and set tiles in a non-linear pattern to showcase the pattern’s six sides. If you’re looking for a bold print like this, you can make a mess and cut the tiles on the bottom to keep the top edge unbroken.

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