How to Decorate a Winter Front Porch

A front porch decorated for each season is something I love, especially during holidays. My porch decor is only updated four times per year. The holidays are a tricky time of year for me. Instead of creating a Christmas-themed porch with lots of color and bows, I chose to celebrate the season by designing a winter-inspired patio. I used traditional greenery with a few lanterns and pinecones to finish the look. Here are some tips to help you decorate your winter front porch so it will last into the new year.

Inspired by a visit to my local nursery, I created this look. This look was created with a large cypress, small Italian spruce, and rosemary topiary as my base.

To elevate the rosemary topiary on the opposite side, I used a distressed wooden chair and two evergreen trees to anchor the porch. I placed two large pinecones near the olive bucket and filled a small market basket with tiny pinecones.

The gray tones of the olive bucket and oversized rug are brought in by mismatched lanterns on either side of the entrance.

To preserve the look as long as possible, faux Norfolk pine garland was used around the doorway. I placed the spray below the transom windows and let it run down the other side of the door. Asymmetrically hanging garland looks less overwhelming than when it surrounds a doorway.

A faux Norfolk Pine wreath was hung on the door using a Command hook. It had a string of gold bells underneath it. The bells hung simply behind the wreath are a great look.

The look was completed with a seasonal mat that I placed over a gray wool rug. It spanned the entire width of my doorway. It is inviting and straightforward without looking too Christmasy.


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