How to clean your house quickly – five things I do.

I like to keep my home clean and tidy, but it takes me forever to do a deep clean on the weekend. My weekends are valuable because I work full-time. I wouldn’t say I like to spend them cleaning and tidying after a long week.

Every few nights, after work, I do a quick sweep of my home using some tips to get it clean quickly and without cutting corners. After all, I want to keep my house clean, especially during allergy season.

Chiana joined Homes & Gardens six months ago after she graduated from the Graduate Program in Interior Journalism. She is primarily responsible for creating content for the Solved page of the website. This section helps readers make the most of their homes by providing clever decluttering and cleaning tips. Many of these she has tested and reviewed in her own home to ensure that they are consistently effective.

How to Clean a House Fast

It is not necessary to fake clean a home, although it can be done if you have guests coming over. It is more about quickly cleaning surfaces, using the vacuum, and organizing your home.

Gravel is a very common material used in many ways in backyards, ranging from a gravel driveway to a low-maintenance gravel garden. There are weeds in every place you use gravel. Gravel can be used for steps, seating areas, or paths. It is best to lay a membrane under the gravel to stop weeds from growing through it. However, this may not be done all the time, and weeds can grow up.

Do not get me wrong. I do not leave trash lying around in my house. There are still some biscuit wrappers and fruit peels on my coffee table, dining table, or kitchen table. They’re usually next to a coffee cup or dishes.

Walking around with a bag or trash can in hand when I am quickly cleaning my room helps me collect everything at once without having to waste any time walking back and forth. When I am cleaning my room fast, I walk around with a trash bin or bag in hand. This helps me to collect everything at once without having to waste time walking back and forth.


Even though I’m getting better at applying the “one-touch” rule to my house, things can still get left lying around. I will pick up all the items that have been left behind and put them back where they belong. The dining room and the entryway are areas that I should focus on. Put coats and hats in the closets for the entryway.

I always put my throw blankets, spare pillows, and half-worn clothing back in the storage baskets I use for my living room. I also put them back into my storage bins for my bedroom.


Cleaning my home is faster if I use my cleaning products in the order I need them instead of going room-by-room.

This is what I do every week. I start with a damp duster and sweep the dust from each room. I then move on to the living room, bedroom, office, and finally, the bathroom. You may need to learn how to remove dust properly.

Then, I spray my anti-bacterial multi-surface spray in the same manner. After the dust has been removed, I find it easier to spread and sanitize surfaces on a regular basis. When I clean my home, I sanitize all surfaces, from my dresser and desk to the kitchen and bathroom sinks. I also wipe down the coffee table.

To prevent soap scum and grease buildup, I clean the shower floor every week with my sanitizing solution. Some items require extra cleaning. I often leave them for a deeper cleaning day.

When I do this, I swap out my clothes regularly between areas to avoid spreading bacteria or dirt.

Then, I use a degreaser. I use it mainly in the kitchen to clean my flat stovetop. I also use it for wiping down the range hood.

You can use scented products instead of things like for rapid cleaning to help. Use scented products instead of vinegar to clean quickly and make your home smell nice.

Your Everyday Cleaner is engineered using a revolutionary plant-powered chemical that will take on the toughest messes in your home.


After wiping down all commonly used surfaces, I finished the cleaning by running around the house using a carpet cleaner. If I want to clean my house quickly, I do not bother moving plant pots or reaching under furniture. Instead, I focus on the main pathways in my home, such as the entryway, the living room area rug, and the bedroom walkways. As I don’t have pets, I only do this every 2 to 3 days. But if you do have furry friends, then this may be a daily necessity.

It is much easier to do these quick jobs with a cordless vacuum. This way, I don’t have to lug a heavy machine up and down the stairs or find an outlet in each room.

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