Silk oriental rugs can be a stunning addition to your home. If you do not take care of them, they will lose their beauty quickly. Silk rugs are a luxurious and elegant addition to any home, but their delicate nature makes them vulnerable to dirt. It can be easily damaged by cleaning products.

You don’t want your expensive silk rug to be damaged by using the wrong cleaning method. We’ll show you how to safely steam clean silk rug in Sydney and the guide below. These tips will help you protect your investment, and ensure that your silk rug looks its best for many years.

This article will cover:

  • How to clean a silk carpet at home
  • How to clean silk Persian Rugs
  • Silk Rug Care Tips

How to clean a silk carpet at home

Cleaning your silk rugs is best left to professionals.

If this isn’t possible, you can still follow the steps below to make them look clean and new again. All oriental rugs can benefit from these general maintenance and care tips.

Sweep with soft broom

Your frequency of cleaning depends on the amount of dust in your home and the foot traffic that your silk rug receives. Sweeping your silk rug with a soft brush every few days will remove the majority of surface dust.

Use a broom or brush with softer bristles. This will prevent damage to the delicate silk fibers in your rug. Use a softer brush and broom when cleaning a rug made of cowhide.

Hang rug and beat it

Sometimes, sweeping is not enough. You can also hang the rug on a clothesline, and lightly beat it with a broom. This will remove any dust that has been trapped. Use a disposable face mask to prevent inhaling dust particles.

It is also the best way to clean a shag carpet, since dust can easily get trapped between the long fibers. Silk rugs are more delicate than shag rugs. Don’t over-stretch the rug and avoid hanging it over a fence. This will cause damage to the underside.

Vacuum every week/second woeek

The best way to remove dust and debris is by vacuuming. This includes a silk rug.

Use a vacuum with a beater bar or powerhead, but not if you are cleaning rugs made of polyester. Never use a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar or powerhead on a silk carpet, as this will damage the silk and stretch it.

Absorb odors & moisture

There’s a simple way to refresh them. Baking soda is an effective and gentle natural deodorizer. It will not leave a scent, but it can absorb any stale smells that are left by pets or smoke.

Baking soda will also work if the bad smell is due to moisture in the silk rug. Baking soda has a high hygroscopicity. It is a substance that absorbs water very well. You can easily target moisture and odor with a simple step using something that you already have.

Sprinkle baking soda liberally on your silk rug. Use a soft broom to sweep it over the rug, or use your fingertips to move it. Let it sit for two hours at least. Then vacuum it. Make sure you vacuum it all up, otherwise a white cast could remain.

Remove Stained Surfaces

Your silk rug will eventually become stained, no matter how much you try to prevent it. You don’t have to worry about most household accidents like spilled food or beverages. Simply remove the excess food using a spoon and wipe any liquid with a soft towel.

Pour a small amount of club soda onto the affected area and wipe it off with a soft, clean cloth. Let the rug air dry. The best way to clean a natural fiber rug is by using this method. Silk fibers can be damaged by harsh stain removers. Club soda is gentle on silk, and it can be used as a spot-cleaner for rugs.

But don’t soak it. Silk is more likely to absorb moisture than other carpet fibers. Any moisture that is left behind can turn into mold or mildew. While it is okay to wash a faux-fur rug with water, you should avoid this with natural fibers like real fur, silk, or wool.

How to Clean Silk Persia Rugs

When it comes to staining silk rugs, professional care is best. Simple, regular cleaning at home with professional products will keep your silk Persian rugs in good condition.

Use a powder carpet shampoo

Silk is a natural fibre and should be treated with caution. Silk rugs should not be cleaned with steam. Steaming is the best way to clean a sheepskin at home. Hot water extractions are not recommended for silk rugs because they can be damaged by heat and water.

When they are wet, silk fibers can expand a lot. Silk is strong but it has no elasticity. Silk fibers will not ‘bounce’ back into shape after being stretched. Silk rugs are best cleaned using a dry-cleaning technique.

Sprinkle the carpet shampoo dry, rake or sweep over the rug and vacuum it. The dry powder method is the best way to deep clean a sisal carpet. If you need to deep-clean a jute carpet, dry powder is the best method.

Carpet shampoo designed for natural fibers

Use carpet cleaning products that are designed for natural fibres. No matter how dirty your silk carpets are, you should not use heat to clean them. Your silk Persian rug can be damaged by heat cleaning.

How to clean silk carpet

This product is perfect for cleaning dirty spots or removing stale smells. Follow the instructions on the package very carefully. Do a small test patch first on a non-obvious area of your carpet to ensure colorfastness.

Make Your Sik Rugg a Pet-Free Zone

When it comes to maintaining silk rugs, prevention is better than cure. Make your silk rug pet-free. They can be easily damaged. Pet urine is acidic and can cause damage to natural fibers such as silk.

If you cannot avoid a pet urine stain then treat it as soon as possible. Use a soft, clean cloth to blot up as much urine as possible. Then use the club soda trick that we have recommended. When it is absorbed, you will see it bubble. This effervescence removes the stain from your rug and eliminates its smell.

Don’t eat over your silk rug

Avoid letting your children play on the rug if you can. Once your children get used to lying on the oriental rug they will be more likely to enjoy snacks. Avoid placing the rug in your dining room where wine and food will likely spill onto it.

The club soda trick works just as well on wine stains on silk rugs. We cannot guarantee results unless the stain is fresh. Always act as soon as you can on any spills or stains. This is the key to preventing stubborn stains on silk rugs.

Limit Walking on Your Persia Rug

You may want to take off your shoes before walking in a room that has silk rugs. Silk Persian rugs should not be placed in high traffic areas, because they will wear out very quickly. They should be placed in a place where they won’t be walked much.

Use protectors underneath the legs of any furniture you plan to place on your silk rug. For example, a coffee-table. Do not drag furniture across the rug. Instead, lift it and move. Place rug pads under your silk rug. This will stop the rug from moving and sliding around and causing damage.

Keep your oriental rug out of the sun

Position your silk rug away from direct sunlight when placing it in the house. Colors will fade if UV rays are reflected from a sliding glass door. It will take time for the silk rug to fade.

It’s not an easy fix. Use a protector on your rug to reduce the damage from the sun’s harsh light. If you must place your rug in a room with a lot sunlight, make sure to rotate it regularly to ensure that the color fades evenly. This will make the fading less visible to guests.


Silk rugs can be more delicate and difficult to clean. With the right care they can look clean and beautiful. Our team has many years of experience in carpet, upholstery and rug cleaning. We are the rug care and cleaning experts.

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