4 Effective Ways on How To Clean Your Rugs

An area rug can make a beautiful addition to your home. It will add warmth and beauty to your home. You will be worried about the condition and appearance of your investment in Persian or Afghani rugs.

Although rugs look great when they are new, their fringes can be damaged by normal wear such as walking and vacuuming. These rug fringes extend beyond the cushion or padding of the rug and are subject to all the effects of foot traffic, abrasion, and vacuum brushes.

There are also other residues, such as pet oils and food particles that could be hidden under your rug. Rugs are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, germs, and dust mites. Although they may not be visible, they can cause a rug’s shine to deteriorate and pose a health risk.

Professional rug cleaning is more challenging than regular carpet cleaning due to its delicate nature. An experienced cleaner will treat each area rug individually. Each rug is then given a gentle “handwashing” process. Each rug’s characteristics are carefully considered and the best method and cleaning technique is chosen to match your rug’s weave, fibers and dyes. Big Red’s cleaning staff are experts and will take care of your rug.

Although a regular routine is important for your rug, we have some tips for you to help with the upkeep of your carpets.

Vacuum Your Rugs Regularly

Although this tip is obvious, many people fail to follow it. Vacuum your rug at least once a week. You can check that the rug is clean by turning it over and vacuuming it from the back. Do not vacuum a rug with fringes or frills.

Blot the Rug of Stains; Don’t Rub It

The first instinct when something spills onto the carpet is to rub it until the stain disappears. Rubbishing only spreads the stain, and embeds the debris in the rug’s fibers. To prevent stain transfer to the rug, you should always use a moist towel to blot it.

Rotate your Rugs Frequently

Rugs can show wear and tear patterns depending on how the people who live in them walk. Rugs can also develop impressions and indentations if furniture is placed on them. These may be permanent. This is more common in oriental rugs and wool rugs.

To prevent this, rotate your rugs every month. This will ensure that the indentations and impressions are not permanent.

DIY Deep Rug Cleaning – How to Wash Persian and Oriental Rugs

While we recommend having your rugs professionally cleaned, some people choose to clean their own rugs. This is often for the sake of saving money. Avoid these mistakes if you decide to take this route as it could lead to permanent damage to your carpets.

  • Do not over-shampoo. Using more detergent does NOT mean that your rugs will look cleaner. It is possible to not rinse the entire solution off rugs if you use too much. The residue detergent can make the rug sticky, which will cause it to be harder to clean in the future.
  • Too much water and not drying the rug properly combined with excessive amounts of water can make them smelly and more susceptible to mold growth. Your carpets may shrink if you use too much water.
  • Furniture and a Wet Carpet. If your carpet isn’t properly dried and you place your furniture back onto it, it can cause carpet fibers to become discolored. Your carpet can be further damaged if any furniture you have has metal parts.

We recommend that you have your rugs dry vacuumed by a professional carpet cleaner like Big Red. You can avoid potential problems like the ones above and your rug will look brand new.

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